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sociology 18

Economy definition System by which goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed.
Industrial society Organized around the provision of services
Capitalism economy based on competition. means of production are privately owned
Socialism state owns and manages the basic industries in the state. It's like capitalism combined with communism
Communism state is sole owner of its means. State admins declare prices and production goals.
Why are jobs moved overseas? less money for more work
What is the highest chance that someone has of obtaining upward mobility? college education though they are become more common
deindustrilization switching from goods-producing to service-producing
job displacement certain job types are no longer used causing employees to be jobless
structural unemployment created by job displacement. Lost job that is caused by society and not an individual's work performance
Automation Workers being replaced by robots
Mismatch theory Province is unfair for minorities. They don't all have the same advantages.
Multinatonial corps worldly company that gets a lot of money from foreign employment but share a lot of their revenues with other countries participating.
xenophobia fear or hatred toward foreigners, partly caused by foreigners taking jobs overseas and in the US
what's a global assembly line? different countries have a part in manufacturing an item
functional theory on work jobs function and fulfill societal needs.
conflict theory and work work creates tension and people are rewarded unequally in the workplace
symbolic interaction theory Work is done paid and unpaid. Many people have different social interactions in work.
underemployment a Ph.D. driving a taxi for a living
Division of labor One group is responsible to harvesting crops while the other is responsible for hunting game
Occupational Distribution women are more clerical workers while men are more manual or leaders
Created by: Chelseagirl2508