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Jap Vocab 112-end

O Kashi Sweets
ikaga desu ka How about...
Totemo Very
Ippai one cup
Kekko_ desu No thank you
takai desu Expensive
yasui desu inexpensive
ataashii desu new, fresh
furui desu old
chikai desu near
to_i desu far
muzukashii desu difficult
yasashii desu easy
amai desu sweet
karai desu hot, spicy
atsui desu hot
samui desu cold
ii desu good, nice
omoshiroi desu interesting
isogashii desu busy
nigiyaka desu lively
shizuka desu quiet
benri desu convenient
yu_mei desu famous
kirei desu pretty, clean
shintetsu desu kind, helpful
hima desu free, not busy
shokuji o shimasu have a meal
sukiyaki sukiyaki
ke_ki cake
kare_ curry
Ge_mu game
Howaito White (name)
Donna what kind of
Tokoro place
e painting, picture
Tenki weather
Honto_ ni really
Yoku irasshaimashita Welcome
Ojamashimasu May I come in?
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