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TMA 13

Latin for Children primer A - Ch 13 - Review

creō, creāre, creāvī, creātum to create
explōrō, explōrāre, explōrāvī, explōrātum to explore
cōgitō, cōgitāre, cōgitāvī, cōgitātum to think
mūtō, mūtāre, mūtāvī, mūtātum to change
dubitō, dubitāre, dubitāvī, dubitātum to doubt
magnus, magna, magnum large, great
parvus, parva, parvum small
vērus, vēra, vērum true
falsus, falsa, falsum false
dubius, dubia, dubium doubtful
bonus, -a, -um good
malus, -a, -um bad
nōtus, -a, -um known
ignōtus, -a, -um unknown
novus, -a, -um new
antīquus, -a, -um old
serēnus, -a, -um calm (or bright or clear)
īrātus, -a, -um angry
laetus, -a, -um happy
miser, misera, miserum miserable
Created by: alcarohtare