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TMA 10

Latin for Children primer A - Ch 10 - Review

puer, puerī (m) boy
vir, virī (m) man
germānus, germānī (m) brother
lūdus, lūdī (m) school, game, play
fīlius, fīliī (m) son
magister, magistrī (m) male teacher/master
discipulus, discipulī (m) male student/disciple
dominus, dominī (m) male master
famulus, famulī (m) male servant
servus, servī (m) male slave
amīcus, amīcī (m) male friend
vigilō, vigilāre, vigilāvī, vigilātum to watch (or guard)
clāmō, clāmāre, clāmāvī, clāmātum to shout
tardō, tardāre, tardāvī, tardātum to delay
habitō, habitāre, habitāvī, habitātum to live
dēmōnstrō, dēmōnstrāre, dēmōnstrāvī, dēmōnstrātum to point out
hortus, -ī (m) garden
lupus, -ī (m) wolf
socius, -ī (m) ally, associate
aquārius, -ī (m) water-carrier
pugnō, pugnāre, pugnāvī, pugnātum to fight
oppugnō, oppugnāre, oppugnāvī, oppugnātum to attack
necō, necāre, necāvī, necātum to kill
ambulō, ambulāre, ambulāvī, ambulātum to walk
mandō, mandāre, mandāvī, mandātum to entrust
aedificium, -ī (n) building
caelum, -ī (n) sky
auxilium, -ī (n) help
exemplum, -ī (n) example
dōnum, -ī (n) gift
fātum, -ī (n) fate
forum, -ī (n) public square
oppidum, -ī (n) town
perīculum, -ī (n) danger
frūmentum, -ī (n) grain
praemium, -ī (n) reward
astrum, -ī (n) star
beneficium, -ī (n) benefit, gift
gaudium, -ī (n) joy
collum, -ī (n) neck
Created by: alcarohtare