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Macbeth Vocab.

Corporal Physical, bodily
Harbinger Person or thing that signals what will follow
Hinder Hinder, obstruct, or slow down the process of
Dire Dreadful, horrible, urgent, or extreme
Compunction Guilt or regret, guilty, regretful, remorseful
Mettle Quality of character, disposition, or temperament
Husbandry Careful or thrifty management, thrift
Palpable Capable of being touched or felt, tangible
Equivocate To use language misleadingly to deceive
Sacrilegious Something can be described as this if: something that is sacred has been violated
Amiss Out of order, wrongly
Indissoluble incapable of being broken, undone, or dissolved-lasting or permanent
Parricide The act of murdering one's father, mother, or other close relative
Sundry Various, several, or diverse
Jovial Full of hearty humor and fun; Jolly
Mirth Gaietly, merriment, joyfulness
Malevolence Quality or state of wishing evil or harm to others; maliciousness
Blasphermous Strongly, abusively, disrespectful
Resolute Having a fixed purpose, determined, firm-unwavering
Laudable Praiseworthy, commendable
Appease To satisfy or calm by ging what is wanted; soothe
Avarice Greed for wealth
Niggardly Stingy, Miserly
Raze Completely destroy, tear down to the level of the ground, demolish
Pristine Pure, unspoiled, uncorrupted
Bane Cause of harm, trouble, ruin, or death; deadly poison
Petty Insignificant, unimportant, trivial, and narrow-minded
Fret To worry, irritate, annoy
Prowess Extraordinary ability or skill; exceptional bravery, especially in battle
Usurper One who seizes and holds by force without your legal right
Created by: kelly.staab