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Test Words - Generic

words often found on tests that are not content specific

component one part of something bigger; The wheels are a component of my bike.
identify to establish the identity of; I identified part A on the diagram as the liver.
function purpose or use of something; The kidneys function as a filter.
exist are real; The largest galaxy known to exist is not the Milky Way.
necessary needed; Oxygen is necessary for life.
comparable similar to; The fabrics were of comparable quality.
absorb to take in; I absorb nutrients in my small intestine.
protect cover or shield from harm; My skin protects my internal organs.
rigidity stiffness or inflexibility; Cell walls provide rigidity for the plant.
substance a material from which something is made; We discovered the subtance on the floor was oil.
organization how objects are sorted and classified; The organization of my dvd's is alphabetical by title.
similar alike; having traits in common; The two dogs were very similar.
multi- a prefix meaning many; The commons is a multipurpose room.
classify sort and organize into groups; Scientists classify living organizations by their shared characteristics.
contraction making shorter or reducing in size; Contraction of the diaphragm makes you breathe in.
transport move to another location; Blood transports nutrients from the small intestine to cells.
production making something; The pancreas is responsible for the production of enzymes.
stimuli something that rouses or incites to activity; My actions are influenced by both internal and extermal stimuli.
communication sharing of information; Communication in living organisms is often done with chemicals.
release let go of; remove; Our lungs release carbon dioxide.
synthesize to combine parts or elements to make a whole; Scientists were able to synthesize growth hormones in their lab.
coordinate organize so that things work together smoothly; I coordinate with my family to arrange holiday activities.
deficiency shortage or lack; Her doctor said she was tired because of an iron deficiency.
contaminated unfit for use due to the introduction of unwanted elements; The drinking water was contaminated by run-off from the nearby factory.
exchange substitute one thing for another; The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place in the lungs.
comparison examining objects to determine their similarities and differences; We did a comparison of the digestive and excretory systems.
processes a continuing activity or function; Our intestines help with the process of digestion.
broken damaged or altered; My watch was broken so I had no idea what time it was.
cease stop; The policeman yelled, "Stop, cease, and desist."
Created by: bwilliamsscience