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chapters 1-5

Which member of the care team diagnoses disease and prescribes treatment? Physician (MD)
Which of the following statements is true of long term care? A) people with terminal illnesses do not live in long-term care facilities B)Most conditions in long-term care facilities are chronic B)most conditions in long-term facilitis are chronic
Where is long-term care offered? A)In adult day services facilities B)In hospitals C)In skilled nursing facilities D)In ambulatory surgical centers C)In skilled nursing facilities
-------- is care given by specialists to help restore or improve function after an illness or injury. A)subacute care B)Acute care C)Adult day services D)Rehabilitation D)Rehabilitation
A resident has purchased a special gift for her nursing assistant. what was the best response by the nursing assistant the NA should refuse the gift but thank the resident for thinking of her
The abbreviation H.O.M means health maintenance organization
the group with the largest average stay in long term care facilities is A)man B)developmentally disabled C)caregivers D)residence with heart disease B developmentally disabled
uich of the following statements is true of acute care? A) Acute care is normally given in adult day services facilities B)Acute care is given to people who do not have a serious illness C)Acute care is given in hospitals for people who require immedi C)Acute care is given in hospitals for people who require immediate care
A_____ is a method or way of doing something A)policy B)procedure C)survey D)cite B)procedure
Medicare will pay for A)all care required by the recipient B)all care required by the doctor C)all care required by the long term care facility D)only care that is determines to be medically necessary D)only care that it determines to be medically necessary
_____ is a medical assistance program for low income people A)Medicare B)Medicaid C)CMS D)OSHA B)Medicaid
regular inspections performed of the cilities to make sure they are following state and federal regulations are called A)service B)citations C)procedures D)licenses A)surveys
which of the following is a care value associated with culture change A)doing everything for residence B)treating all residents the same way C)promoting self determination and personal choice D)making sure all residents participating in the same a C)promoting self determination and personal choice
which of the following care to members are licensed professionals who the delegate jobs to nursing assistance A)CNA's, nurses B)residents,family C)nurses,PTs,OTs D)NAs,physicians C)nurses PTs,OTs
Created by: Janette2013