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Red Book


play, story fabula
marvelous, strange, wonderful mirabilis
sends mittit: misit
departs, leaves discedit: discessit
cup (often for wine) poculum
drains, drinks up haurit: hausit
city urbs: urbem
night nox: noctem
moon luna
full plenus
shines lucet: luxit
woods, forrest silva
centurion centurio: centurionem
catches sight of conspicit: conspexit
said dixit
puts down, takes off deponit: deposuit
vanishes evanescit: evanuit
wolf lupus
appears apparet: apparuit
howls ululat: ululavit
cautiously caute
looks at, inspects, examines inspicit: inspexit
make of stone lapideus
understands intellegit: intellexit
that ille
werewolf versipellis: versipellem
guest hospes: hospitem
applauds, claps plaudit: plausit
is silent, is quiet tacet: tacuit
other, another alius
by Hercules! hercle!
dead mortuus
first primus
gladiator gladiator, gladiatorem
amphitheater amphitheatrum
second secundus
frightens terret: terruit
sword gladius
waves, brandishes vibrabat: vibravit
arena arena
insane, crazy insanus
person, man homo: hominem
him, it eum
drags trahit: traxit
well-known, famous notus
is alive vivit: visit
ghost, shadow umbra
explains explicat: explicavit
good-bye vale
fearfully timide
advances, proceeds procedit: processit
no nullus
sky caelum
deserted desertus
cat feles:felem
rushes ruit: ruit
despairs desperat: desperavit
worried, anxious sollicitus
animal animal
fierce, ferocious ferox: ferocem
(on) the next day postridie
comes venit: venit
hunt venatio: venationem
boar aper: aprum
Vesuvius, mountain near Pompeii Vesuvius
lies hidden latet: latuit
sees videt: vidit
never numquam
hunter venator: venatorem
brave fortis
perhaps fortasse
alive, living vivus
hunting spear venabulum
long longus
took, has taken cepit
attack impetus
throws, sends out emittit: emisit
strikes percutit: percussit
ground, land terra
falls down decidit: decidit
bravely fortiter
his, her, their suus
pierces transfigit: transfixit
yesterday heri
worst, very bad pessimus
beautiful, handsome pulcher: pulchrum
made, did fecit
pen, stick stilus
place locus
sees videt: vidit
hair crines: crines
very well optime
arranges componit: composuit
(long) dress stola
carefully diligenter
takes care of curat: curavit
near prope
down from; about de
life vita
right, proper proprius
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