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Public order crimes

Crimes Against Public order

Breach of the peace Any act that disrupts public tranquility or order
Fighting Maliciously disturbing orders via a physical confrontation.
Disorderly Conduct Minor offenses that disturb the peace or behavior standards that shock the morality of the community.
Public Intoxication. Being in a stat of intoxication in a place accessible by the public.
Unlawful Assembly Gathering of 3 or more people for the purpose of doing unlawful acts or purpose of doing a lawful act in a prohibited manner.
Rout Preparatory Stage of a Riot. Potential rioters have armed themselves with dangerous objects
Riot A tumultuous disturbance of the peace by three or more people assembled of their own authority. Overt act committed by an assembly of people.
Nonfeasance Failure to act.
Malfeasance Engaging in wrongful act official has no right to do.
Misfeasance Improperly performing on act official has right to do.
Treason Attempt to overthrow the gov't of the society of which one is a member.
Misprision of treason Concealment or nondisclosure of the known treason of another.
Sedition Communication or agreement intended to defame the govt or to incite treason.
Perjury Willful giving of false testimony, under oath in a judicial proceeding. False testimony given under any oath.
Subornation of perjury Unlawful procuring of another to commit perjury. Defendant must have known that the testimony to be given by a witness by false, or defendant must have caused witness to actually give false testimony.
False swearing Making false statements that would be perjury but not in a judicial setting.
Bribery Offering,giving,receiving or soliciting anything of value for the purpose of influencing action by public officials.
Official misconduct in office Any willful unlawful behavior by public officials in the course of their public duties.
Obstruction of justice Interfering with orderly process of the courts is the common law definition. Modern day definition: Interfering with orderly process of criminal justice system.
Escape Getting away from police or prison officials without use of force.
Breach of prison Getting away from police or prison officials with use of force.
Contempt Willingly disobeying or disregarding a judge for engaging in behavior that disrupts, embarrasses or humiliates the courts.
Resisting arrest Obstructing or opposing a peace officer who is making an arrest.
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