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State Objectives

Semester Exam Review pg 2

fungi destroy tissue and blood cells. Examples: athlete's foot, wounds will not heal, and ring worms
traits all the features that an organism inherits
gene part of DNA code on a chromosome
chromosome carries genes that determine heredity. (found in the nucleus)
genotype genetic makeup
phenotype traits you see when you look at an organism
allele different form of genes
homozygous alleles that are the same for a trait
heterozygous alleles that are different for a trait
Dominant Alleles trait that will always show up when in the genotype. (Capital letters are used to show dominant traits)
Recessive traits will only show up in the genotype when 2 are present. One recessive trait from each parent. (Lower case letters are used to show recessive traits
Punnett square a model used to predict the possible offspring of crosses between different organisms of known genotypes
Selective breeding the process by which desired traits of certain plants and animals are selected and passed on to future generations.
Selective breeding The male and female are selected to be bred or mate for offspring. It could take several generations before traits show up. Examples: dairy cows, cotton seeds, vegetables, horses, dogs, etc...
Genetic engineering biological and chemical methods to change the arrangement of DNA that make up genes or plants and animals
Reasons AGAINST selective breeding and genetic engineering... 1. Changing one gene may negatively affect other genes. 2. Long term health effects are not known. 3. May harm natural world. 4. New kinds of crops may create new kinds of poisons and allergies.
Mississippi State University is conducting research to improve food production using genetic engineering
Created by: mgrant