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Genetics and Society

Exam 3

Was part of a team who discovered that the differences in protein sequences refelcted the amount of evolutionary change between two species Emile Zuckerkandl
Used a tree model to describe the genetic history of species and coined the term phylogenetics Ernst Haeckel
Using foxes; this long-term experiment to determine the genetic heritability of characteristics associated with domestication in canines was started by thihs researcher Dmitri Belyaev
First descibed a geneitc disease charcterized by impaired neurological development and a host of other symptoms and now known to be due to chromosomal duplication John Langdon Down
British mathematician, along w/ another researcher who decribed the same principle, found that all else being equal when a population is in equilibrium allele frequencies in one generation may be used to predict genotype frequencies in the next generation Godfrey Harold Hardy
Came up with the first viable theory by which evolution may occur Charles Darwin
A plant pathogen used in the production of GMO crops to deliver genes to the plant genome Agrobacterium
S biological characteristic which two different organisms share in common because they inherited it from a common ancestor Homologous Trait
Can become any type of cell in a multicelluar organism Totipotent Cell
Harvesting cells fron a patient and cloning those cells to create new tissues and organs Therapeutic Cloning
Autosomal Dominant; found on chromosome 4 and more often found among people of European descent Huntington's Disease
Total colorblindness is also known as... Monochromacy
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