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Conducting Terms

Accelerando Getting faster
arco bow
l'istesso the same
marcato marked
meno less
mezzo medium
morendo dying away
molto very
peu a little
piu more
rubato flexibility of time
sans without
secco dry
senza without
sordino mute
sotto voce under the voice
stringendo speeding up
subito sudden
tacet be silent
tutti all
a tempo original tempo
adagio slow
allargando broadening
attacca attack (go right on)
bouche hand stopped
come prima as before
da capo to the head
fine end
glissando sliding
giusto strict time
largamente broadly
moderato moderately
parlando speaking
poco little
presto quick
ritardando slowing down
ritenuto held back
sempre always
tenuto held
vivace lively
a due duet
assai very
con brio spirited
calando dying away and slowing down
col with
dal segno from the sign
divisi divided
dolce sweetly
dolente mournfully
affrettando hurried
expressivo expressively
secco dry
giocoso happily
gioioso joyfully
lento slow
mosso movement
ossia or
piacevole agreeable
piacere @own pleasure
ravvivando quickening
sul tasto @ fingerboard
langsam slow
simile similar
cedez yield
zuruckhalten held back
tasto solo left hand only
animoso spirited
assez rather
bewegt motion
pesante heavy
ripieno tutti
doppio movimento twice as fast
stretto overlapping imitative entrances
ruhig peacefully
ottava bassa play an octave lower
ottava alta play an octave higher
lebhaft lively
smorzando extinguishing
quasi almost
mit with
Created by: isabelmcpherson



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