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Music Listening

Guillaume de Machaut, 14th C Rose, liz (Rose, lily)
Guillaume de Machaut, 14th C Medde de Nostre Dame (Mass of Our Lady), Kyrie
Francesco Landini, 14th C Non avra ma pieta (My lady will never have pity on me)
Guillaume Du Fay, 15th C Nuper rosarum florex/ TERRIBILIS EST LOCUS ISTE
John Dunstable, 15th C Quam pulchra es
Guillaume Du Fay, 15th c Ave maris stella
Antoine Busnoys, 15th c Missa L'homme arme, Sanctus, Agnus Dei
Josquin des Prez, 15th C Ave Maria... virgo serena
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, 16th c Missa Papae Marcelli (Mass of Pope Marcellus), Kyrie, Gloria, Credo
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, 16th c Tui sunt caeli
Johann Walther, 16th c Christ lag in Todesbanden (Christ lay in the bonds of death
Marco Cara, 16th c Mal un muta per effecto (One cannot really change)
Claudin de Sermisy, 16th c Tant que vivray (As long as I live)
Jacques Arcadelt, 16th c Il bianco e dolce cigno (The white and sweet swan)
Luca Marenzio, 16thc Solo e pensoso (alone and thoughtful)
Created by: isabelmcpherson
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