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Pediatric respirator

Peds resp

What cell types does Reactive Airway Disease (Asthma) affect Mast cells Eosinophils T Lymphocytes
Inflammation causes increase in bronchial hyper response
obstructive airflow is due to Inflammation Bronchospasms mucus plugging
with Reactive Airway Disease pt. has decrease in tidal vol and expiratory vol.
Ph abnormalities seen in Reactive Airway Disease are d/t increase in # of poorly ventilated alveoli increase in hypoxemia CO2 retention Resp acidosis
decrease in Ph and increase in CO2 build up results in poor ventilation
Asthma triggers Aspirin smoke cold air pollutants
What type of medications are used for maintenance of Asthma inhaled antiinflammatory (steroid) mast cell inhibitors leukotriene modifiers
Name a mast cell inhibitor Cromolyn
Name a leukotriene modifier Singulair
Name 4 common inhaled steroids Flovent Advair Pulmicort Azmacort
What does Leukotrienes do in the body cause increase in mucus and tighten airway muscles (chemical response)
when in "yellow" (caution) of action plan what line of drugs to use SABA-Short Acting Beta Agonist
When in "RED" of action plan what should pt. do continue to use SABA and go to ER
Name one SABA Albuterol
Name 2 corticosteroids used in treatment of relief of or rescue for asthma Prednisone Beclomethasone (short term)
What anticholinergic is given in the ER Atrovent
Cystic Fibrosis is what type of disorder hereditary autosomal recessive trait; affecting 1:4 among carriers (both parents have the trait)
what are the manifestations of CF malabsorption of nutrients by pancrease increased viscous mucus production Mucus gland secrets thick protein that accumulates and dilates the glands 1st manifestation is meconium ileus increase sodium chloride (sweat)
What are some physical findings of child with CF clubbing of fingers increase resp with cyanosis productive moist cough barrel chest poor perfusion poor gas exchange
What are some findings other findings in child with CF FTT freq URI malabsorption of fats and proteins mild malodorous diarrhea steatorrhea (fatty stools)
How is CF diagnosed Sweat test (normal chloride <40 meq) pancreatic enzymes (tripsin and lipase)tripsin absent in 80%
How to manage CF prevent and TX infection chest physiotherapy physical exercise dietary supplement (enzymes with meals)
What characteristics characterize Croup Inspiratory stridor Barky cough hoarseness
what is the BIG 3 referring to in Croup group of viral and bacterial syndromes laryngotracheobronchitis bacterial tracheitis epiglottitis
Is epiglottitis viral or bacterial Bacterial
Is Croup viral or bacterial both
what medication groups treat Croup Beta agonist: bronchodilators to relaxe bronchi and bronchioles muscels corticosteroids:Dexamethasone (Decadron)
Name a beta agonist used with croup Racemic Epi
What other interventions are used with croup O2 with humidityy meet fluid and nutrional needs non carbonated non acid drinks
What does RSV stand for Respiratory Synctial Virus
How is RSV diagnosed nasal swab
What are manifestations of RSV start out as URI progress to resp distress d/t infection of bronchial mucosa leading ot obstruction
Therapeutic regimen for RSV bronchodilators steroids beta agonists
Name 2 medications given to children with RSV Synagis Palivizumab IM RespiGam (RSV immune globin)
is RSV contagious yes. place pt. on droplet and contact isolation
decreased ventilation can lead to respiratory acidosis. what lab values showes resp acidosis increased blood CO2 and decreased pH
Give example of what lab values would look like for someone in acute resp acidosis pH < 7.35 PaCO2 > 45 HCO3 22-26 (normal)
What lab value would increase if someone was partly compensating for resp acidosis the HCO3 would increase
If pH was normal but PaCO2 and HCO3 were elevated in resp acidosis this would mean what Body is compensating
Created by: Booschick