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unit test 1

New testament all of jesus teachings and the history of the early church
old testament history of gods people before jesus birth
Apostles men chosen by jesus to share in his mission in a special son
blessed trinity the three persons in one god :god the father , god the son and god the holy spirit
church all those who believe in jesus christ have been baptized in him and follow his teachings
messiah another word for christ and christ means anointed one
parables short stories that jesus told to teach a lesson
evangelization proclaiming the good news of christ but what we say and do
christian intitiation the process of becoming a member of the church through the sacraments of baptism confirmation and eucharist
paschal mystery christs passion death resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven
sacrament an effective sign given to us by jesus through which we share in gods life
sanctifying grace gift of sharing in gods life that we receive in the sacraments
what are the seven sacraments and what kind are they baptism: christian initiation eucharist: christian initiation reconciliation/penance: sacrament of healing confirmation: christian initiation Matrimony: service to others Holy orders: service to others Anointing of the sick:sacrament of healing
What are two corporal works of mercy feed the hungry by: bringing food to prop visit the sick by: going to hospital or make a card
what are two spiritual works of mercy forgive all injuries by: forgiving all those who hurt us comfort the sorrowful by: comfort those who suffer
Created by: NicHus1