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Science 5

Chapter 5

Wing-footed animal pinniped
The walrus lives near the ______ Pole North
Whales are ______ blooded animals warm
Largest of all pinnipeds elephant seal
Sea mammals have a layer of _______ to keep them warm blubber
Seals that have small outer ears eared seals
One of the few animals clever enough to use tools sea otter
Pinniped that has a set of tusks which he uses as a 5th leg walrus
Baby whales are ______ underwater born
Largest of all flying birds wandering albatross
Most penguins live near this continent Antarctica
The tallest of all penguins emperor penguin
The most poisonous fish stone fish
Fish that helps larger fish by eating bothersome parasites wrasse
Fish that looks like a snake moray eel
Fish whose teeth are fused together and can bite through a fish hook parrot fish
Cleaner mimic that will bite the large fish blenny
Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of ______ Australia
Coral reefs are made up of _______ polyp skeletons
Sea stars or starfish have ______ feet? tube
Do you know the water cycle chart? In order? What are the 3 steps? precipitation, evaporation, condensation
List examples of mollusks cowrie, conch, sea snail, oyster, clam, mussel
List examples of crustaceans shrimp, lobster, crab
Tides that occur when the sun and moon are at right angles to the earth and pull in different directions neap tide
Tide that occurs when the water has reached its highest point before it starts falling again high tide
Tide that experiences the highest tides and the lowest tides spring tide
Regions between low-tide and high-tide lines where most ocean plants and animals live are called _______ zones intertidal
All living creatures must contain _______ in their body tissues water
Smallest part of a substance that still has the quality of that substance molecule
The ocean covers almost ______ of the earth's surface 3/4
Underground places where water collects aquifers
univalve single shell
bivalve two shells
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