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Middle East

Countries, capitals, landforms, waterways, & major cities.

Unites Arabic Emirates Abu Dhadi
Bahrain Manama
Qatar Doha
Lebanon Beirut
Israel Jerusalem
Syria Damascus
Jordan Amman
Kuwait Kuwait
Cyprus Nicosia
Iraq Baghdad
Turkey Ankara
Algeria Algiers
Tunisia Tunis
Morroco Rabat
Egypt Cairo
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Yemen San'a
Libya Tripoli
Afghanistan Kabul
Iran Tehran
Pakistan Islamabad
Oman Muscat
The Tigris & _________ Rivers Euphrates
The Jordan Rivier flows through _________ into the ____ Sea. Lebanon, Dead Sea
The Karun River runs through Iran's ______ mountains. Zagros
The Aswan Dam is placed on the ____ river. Nile
Sea south of Saudi Arabia? The Arabian Sea
Sea north of Turkey? The Black Sea
Sea north of Iran? Caspian Sea
Sea located between Jordan and Israel? Dead Sea
Sea located north of Africa? The Mediterranean Sea
Body of water situated between Saudi Arabia & Iran Persian Gulf
Body of water situated between Egypt & Saudi Arabia Red Sea
The _____ canal is located east of the Nile river. Suez
Gulf below Yemen Gulf of Aden
Gulf east of Oman Gulf of Oman
____________ is the body of water that lies on the coast of the United Arabic Emirates. Strait of Hormuz
Sea north east of the Mediterranean situated between Greece & Turkey Aegean Sea
Mountains in southern Algeria Ahagger Mountains
Mountains in northern Algeria Atlas Mountains
City located at the mouth of the Nile River? Alexandria
Where is the Rub Al Khali desert located? Saudi Arabia
Desert located in Israel? The Negev
City located at southern end of the Nile? Aswan
City of Tel Aviv is located in ________? Israel
The holy city of Mecca is in _____ _______. Saudi Arabia
Basra is located at the southern end of Iraq between _______ & _________. Iran & Kuwait
City of Tabriz is located in ________. Iran
City of Izmir is located in _____. Turkey
Istanbul is the largest city that is located in northern _______. Turkey
Aden is a seaport city in _______. Yemen
The Bosporus Strait is located in northern ________. Turkey
Libyan desert stretches from _____ to West ______. Libya, Egypt
Desert that covers the southern end of Saudi Arabia Rub al Khali
The Sahara desert covers southern _______ & _______ Algeria, Libya
Desert that covers the border of Jordan & Iraq Syrian
Two mountain ranges running along the Northern & Southern border of Turkey North: Pontic South: Taurus
Two mountain ranges running along the Northern & Southern border of Algeria North: Atlas South: Ahaggar
Two mountain ranges running along the Northern & Southern border of Iran North: Elbruz South: Zagros
What mountain range is Mt. Ararat close to? Pontic
Sea north of Iran Caspian
Where is the Dead Sea? Between Jordan & Israel
What river flows into the Dead Sea? Jordan River
What three rivers flow into the Persian Gulf? Tigris, Euphrates, & Karun
Where are the Hindu Kush Mountains? Afghanistan
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