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Physical/Human Geogr

What are three things that geographers can us when they determine absolute location? latitude,the Equator, the Prime Meridian
Which geographic theme is the one where things are built to change something about the land? Human-environment interaction
The Prime Meridian measures longitude in which direction? east or west
The largest tropical rain forests that are still left in our world are in the Amazon River, the Congo River basins, and Central Pennsylvania. True or False False
Each layer of the rain forest supports the same community of plants and animals. True or False. False
How much of the earth's plan and animals species live in rain forests? More than 1/2
Which layer of the rain forest has the least amount of plant life? The forest floor
An area's elevation and latitude can determine...what? The climate
Which is not a characteristic of a humid, continental climate? Warm summers.....Hot summers...Cold winters Hot summers
In which direction does warm air and warm water flow? From high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas OR From the equator to the poles From the equator to the poles
Choose one. Most people in Europe and the United States live in rural areas OR suburban areas OR urban areas urban areas
Find two things that are considered part of a country's nonmaterial culture. ARTS...FOOD...ARCHITECTURE...RELIGION...CLOTHING....TECHNOLOGY...LANGUAGE Religion and Language
Natural obstacles can make it impossible for people to live in certain places. This is why the earth's population is EVENLY or UNEVENLY distributed. UNEVENLY distributed
Which of these is NOT a characteristic of a mixed economy? The government owns all the major farms and factories OR The market and the government make economic decisions together The government owns all the major farms and factories
True or False. Traditional economies are not ever found in rural parts of undeveloped countries FALSE
True or False. Traditional economies always produce surplus goods FALSE
True or False. In a traditional economy, the local government decides what to charge FALSE
True or False. In a traditional economy, the people in the area produce and consume the goods themselves TRUE
True or False. The World population has stopped growing FALSE - it's been rising since the 1950's
Name one reason why our world population is unevenly distributed. People like to live where there is good, rich soil for farming, fresh drinking water, and climate that isn't harsh
Is this an example of diffusion? Having Disney World in China, Japan, and France Yes
Which system of government does the United States have? CAPITALIST or FEDERATION FEDERATION
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