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1st Semester Vocabulary Rubric

reactants Substances that go through a chemical change.
formula A shorthand (faster) way of showing/writing atoms,molecules and equations.
compound molecule Made of more than 1 type of atom.
products Substances that result from a chemical change.
speed Distance traveled by an object in a given amount of time.
acceleration Change in an object's speed or direction (its velocity) over time.
force A push or pull.
balanced force occur when the total of all forces on an object euqals zero and object's motion does not change;see also unbalanced forcer.
velocity An object's speed and direction at a given instant.
irregular Irregular galaxies show no defined structure or symmetry.
reactants equations Substants that go through a chemical change.
products equations Substances that result from a chemical change.
proton It is positive charge;located in th nucleus;different number makes new element.
neutron It is no charge;lovated in the nucleus;different number makes isotope.
electron It is negative charge;located in the electron cloud;different number makes ion
Newton's frist law An object will stay at rest,and an object in motion will stay in motion until acted on by an unbalaced forvre;it is also known as the law of Inertia.
Newton's secound law The acceleartion of an object depends on the mass of object and the among of force appiled to the object.
Newton's third law Law of action and reaction.
visibla to help us to see.
equations A way of describing a chemical reactoin.
elliptical galaxies Elliptical galaxies rang in shape from spherical to flattend discs.
Created by: VivianNie99