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Personal Hygiene

What position is "laying flat on your back" face up? Supine Position
What is the Lateral position? Laying on your side
What is the Sim's Position? Left side lying with right leg sharply flexed so that it is not resting on the left leg. Left arm postioned along along the clients side and right arm bent upwards. Use pillows Used for administering enema's
What is the Prone position? Front lying or lying on your stomach/abdomen.
What position is best for doing Perineal Care? Supine
What is used to prevent Foot drop or Plantar Flexion? Foot Board
What is provided every 2 hours to unconsciuos residents to them from aspirating saliva? Oral Hygiene
What do you practice when providing "Oral Hygiene", trimming fingernails or shaving a client, because youmight come in contact with a resident's blood Precautions
List 3 types of clients that are at risk of developing decubitus ulcers? Very Old- Confined to bed & Immobile Diabetic-Poor Nutrition Very thin or Very Obese-
What are 5 pressure points on the body? ear, coccyx, clavicle/shoulder, Patella/knees(inner & outer), heel(inner & outer), & elbows( inner & outer
List four functions of the skin 1. protective covering of the body 2. Senses both pleasant & unpleasant stimulations 3. Helps regulate body temperature 4. Protects organs from injury
What are 2 parts of the Skin? Dermis & Epidermis
What is the outer layer of skin called? Epidermis
What is the Inner layer of skin? Dermis
What is the fatty layer if skin tissue called? Subcutaneous
List 3 age related changes of the skin? Loss of Elasticity Wrinkles Thinning of the skin Age/Brown Spots
What are 5 factors that put a client at risk of developing decubitus ulcers? Age Mobility Dehydration poor nutrition Incontinence
List 5 ways you can prevent a client from developing decubitus ulcers? Reposition every 2 hrs. Moisturize dry skin Make sure linens are clean & Wrinkle free Make sure clothes are clean Changed soiled products Hydrate Airbag/Airflow Matress
List 5 places a client could develop a pressure area when lying in the "Supine" position? shoulders/clavicle, heels, elbows, coccyx, inner knees, ankles
Why should moisturizer be used bathing a client? Helps with Relaxation, and moisturizes the skin
The PSW should provide for what rights when bathing a client: Privacy & Choice
A back massage promotes_________________________? Good circulation, relaxation & helps build rapour with client
Perineal care is done from ____________to________________? Ureathral to Anal Cleanest to dirtiest
What is important to do to the skin before shaving? Soften & Moisten the skin
A PSW should always encourage the client to do what? Do as much on there own and a PSW shlould always promote the clients independence
Bathing Promotes? Good Hygiene reduces risk of infections promotes circulation
Bath time is a good time to promote what kind of communication? one on one, trust, reporting observations
Does a PSW cut toe nails? No ( unless care plan advises)
Who cuts a "Diabetics" toenails? Podiatrist or Chiropodist
Podiatrist treats what part of the body? Feet & Toes
How should a PSW motivate a client to bath who has lost interst & has body odour? Encourage them and explain the benefits Listen to them be polite & honest Provide choices Offer rewards
What are comfort measures to help refresh and relax a client? Bathing & Massage
How often is mouth care done for the average client? 2-3 times daily (Minimum)
List 5 conditions that would require mouth care & fluid in mouth every 2 hrs? NPO-tube feed Pallitive Fever On Oxygen therapy Mouth Breathing Unconscious
How many teeth in permanent dentition? 32
Plaque is caused by______________? Food Debris
Dentures should be washed in______________________? Warm water & cleaning agent
Dentures should be stored in ______________________? Cool Water in a denture cup
List 5 things to report about the skin? Colour Temperature Swelling Rashes & Sores Odours Damage
List 5 enemies of the skin? Sun exposure SmokingTabacco Drugs Dryness/Dehydration Alcohol
What are the stages of wounds and describe each stage? Red skin- no open breaks or tears Cracked or blister- skin breaks open expands into deeper layers Tissue exposed- forms small crater Exposed muscle /bone- very deep into tissues, tendons & muscle or bone
What is the largest organ of the body? Skin
What soes the skin excrete? Sweat, water, oils & waste products
Explain how the skin protects the body from infection? Its the first line of defence. Barrier from microbes
What is the Epidermis made up of? Living & dead cells
What structures are found in the dermis layer of skin? Hair, Sweat & oil glands
How do Pressure Ulcers Occur? From poor circulation on a boney prominence (Knees, elbows, clavicles
How does skin regulate bosy temperature? Sweat glands help by removing fluid waste through perspiration. Blood vessels dialate to release heat and contract to retain heat
What is a full bed bath? From head to toe
What is a Partial bedbath? face, hands, underarms,back,buttocks, and perineal care
When making a bed you fold the bedding toward the foot of the bed and fan bedding? Open Bed
When making a bed you place the top sheet and bed spread so it is covering the entire bed. What is this called? Closed Bed
Vaseline can be used to remove stool from the skin? True of False True
Created by: Lindasbell