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Cellulitis and UTI

Cellulitis Acute bacterial infection of the dermis and deeper underlying connective tissue
Red, lilac, tender, warm edematous skin Rapid onset Cellulitis
Inflammation—pain, heat, redness, edema Rapid onset Cellulitis
Localized or entire limb Rapid onset Cellulitis
Increase in WBCs, Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes)—may not occur in frail, older clients Rapid onset Cellulitis
More common in lower legs, areas with chronic lymphedema, or skin trauma, as leg ulcers, puncture wounds Localized or entire limb
Children Risk Factors trauma, impetigo, folliculitis, untreated tooth decay, recent otitis media
Older Adults Risk Factors thinner skin, susceptible to breakage
urethritis Lower Urinary Tract
prostatitis Lower Urinary Tract
cystitis Lower Urinary Tract
Pyelonephritis (inflammation of kidney and renal pelvis) Upper Urinary Tract
Vesicoureteral reflux→hydronephrosis-back-up of urine in kidney from obstructed outflow Upper Urinary Tract
Renal scarring can result→HTN, proteinuria Upper Urinary Tract
Renal Failure Upper Urinary Tract
Superficial Tissues bladder mucosa, prostate tissue, renal tissue
Pyuria urine appears concentrated & cloudy d/t WBCs & bacteria
Hematuria blood-tinged urine
Cystitis most common UTI
Created by: ED.