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Sociology ch 17

What is the largest form of religion? Christianity. Christmas is a christian tradition but has been integrated into American culture.
Monotheism worshiping a single god
polytheism worshiping of many gods or diety (many Asian religions)
Hinduism many gods, people choose who they're nearer to. Contains a lot of mythology
Patriarchal Male power and authority
Matriarchal Female power and authority but mostly equal. Based on a female goddess.
Exclusive distinctive beliefs, members are expected to conform (Jehova's witness, Mormons)
Inclusive More moderate and liberal. Have agendas for social change
Durkheim on religion closeness of a society depends on the belief system. Individuals are able to see themselves as a group instead of an individual.
Ritual symbolic activity that expresses a group's spiritual convictions
collective consciousness beliefs that are common to a community which give people a sense of belonging.
Weber on Religion Protestant religion supported capitalism. They believe in predestination so the "elect" were supposedly already chosen by god.
Karl Marx on religion causes wars, social inequality. Religion was also used by the poor to feel better about their situation.
What is an idealogy? belief system that legitimates the social order and supports the idea of the ruling class. religion resists change and preserves social order.
Christianity Belief in the Holy Trinity: God, Jesus, Holy Ghost. Afterlife in Heaven if follow teachings.
Protestants: mainline Mainline protestants include 28 denominations and do not attend church regularly, causing their membership to decline.
Protestants: Conservative Highly religious, some believe in faith healing or speaking in tongues.
Roman Catholics Vatican is the place of religion governance. Pope is authority. Less strict group
Judaism See themselves as "the chosen people". Christian and Islamic beliefs. offspring are only jewish if the mother is. Only 19 percent attend services.
Islam Called Muslims. Allah. Koran is the holy book. Highly patriarchal. strict dietary habits.
Hinduism Many gods. Karma. Acts as a caste system in India (socially).
Buddhism Meditation. seeking spiritual enlightenment. Draws liberal white Americans in as well.
Confucianism Confucius teachings. philosophical
Religion and the government Religious extremists can terrorize countries, involving the government. religion affects political views like gay marriage.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508