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soc ch 16

What are the three aspects of the functionalist view on education? Socialization, Occupational training, and social control
What is socialization give to kids in school? passes down moral values, ethics, politics, religious beliefs, habits, and norms (elements of culture)
Occupational training? Job training is passed down to younger gens.
Social Control? Control of society that causes a desired latent function
Latent functions subtle consequences caused by an institutions activities.
What's an example of a latent function from social control? Kids being put into school. Latent function is that they are kept off the streets and trained for jobs.
Conflict view on Education Competition for power. Education isn't dispersed equally and continues inequality of classes in our society.
Credentialism When employers avoid hiring someone because of their race or gender but blame it on their lack of education.
Symbolic interaction on education Teachers apply expectancy theory
What are three main indicators of one's socioeconomic status (SES) level of schooling, current income, and type of occupation
What are some unexpected drawbacks after you receive your education college degrees are less rare, less pay based on gender and race
What is educational deflation and who came up with it? college degrees mean less because they are less rare. -Boudon
is upward mobility easy with an education? No, most pay is based on social class origin. Lower classes are blocked from upward mobility.
What does the ACT and SAT truly reveal? social class of one's parents. Scores are higher with the family income
Created by: Chelseagirl2508