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science test

skeletal system

What are 5 main functions of the skeletal system? The blood protection The protection of the vital organs Support body weight Movement Bidy shape
Marrow It fills the center of the long bones in the arms and legs, as well as the inside of many other bones.
Spongy Bone Is the easiest to see on the ends of the long bones but it can also be found in ribs and other flat bones.
Compact bone Is the outer surface of all the bones, so they wont damage the inside of them.
Outer Covering Provides a place for the muscles to attach and contains cells that produce new bone.
Describe how the structure of all the bone cell relates to its function. It relates because the cell is reaching towards the microscopic blood vessel, that is bone. As well as absorbing calcium from the blood stream and deposits into tissue.
What are the 3 main parts of a joint and each of their functions? Cartilage: Smooth slippery tissue located at the ends of bones. Ligament: Strong bands of tissue that connect bones together at the joint. Fluid: Nutrient fluid that keeps the joint and reduced joint friction.
What will the following structures look like on an x-ray and why? Bone: Bright White: That is because the bone is the most dense or very dense that it shows ip so clearly on the x-ray. Fat: Fuzzy white: It shows up like that on the x-ray because it is less dense. Muscle: Fuzzy Grey : less dense. Air: black air waves
Where are the growth centers on your long bones? The growth plates in your long bones are at the very top and bottom of the bone where the bones connect with the other bones do at the joint.
What are the clues you can us when you are looking at an x- ray to estimate the age of the person's bones. The color of the structure (Tells you how dense it is). Carpel development Size and space between bones.
How do broken bones heal? Broken bones heal by a long time full of week even a year. Right then: Blood collects blood and calcium. 1 week: young bone cells are made.2 week : bone cells start to absorb calcium. week 3:bone is strong End: the bone has healed.
When they pull the blank the chicken wing flaps. Tendon
Similarities between human arm and a chicken wing. They both have ulna's and radius's Both have biceps and triceps Both have phalanges Both have tendons that attach muscle to bone and ligaments that attach bone to bone
Explain how the biceps and triceps work together as a pair. They help to lift up the arm, and contract/release.
When muscles look bigger , what is happening to the muscle cells? The individual muscle cell are getting bigger and many small blood vessels.
Connective tissue Connective tissue: clear though tissue located under skin and around muscles. Function : attaches skin to muscle.
Muscle Tan soft moist tissue located around bone. Function: Contracts and pulls to cause movement at joint.
ligament Short thick white band at joint Connects bone to bone at joint.
Tendon Long white cord running along the muscle Function: Pulls on bone for movement.
Whats aerobic exercise? Give examples of it. Aerobic exercise is when you us your heart and oxogen in a heathy way. An example of this is Riding a bike, jumping jacks, swimming, running.
Flow chart for the step of muscle contraction. Brain sends a message to the arm.Then the nerve cell sends the message to the nerve which does that all he way until the muscle. Then goes down to the end of fiber in the muscle. Then the myosins and acins come together, then they release into muscle.
What is the chemical equation for cellular respiration. Glucose+Oxogen+ Carbon Dioxide+Water+Energy
What is the product? Energy+CarbonDioxide+Water+ Heat
Why does your breathing rate go up when you are working out. That is because you are using all you resources to breath and to have your heart beat normally.
Describe the differences between skeletal and smooth muscle cells. Skeletal cells use energy to take a calcium from blood and deposit it into the bone. Then smooth bone cells move the blood and help it get to where it needs o go.
Created by: 19thorntona