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Chapter 3

Science Chapter 3 Study Guide

series circuit a circuit that connects several objects one after another so that the current flows in a single path
magnet anything that pulls iron, steel, and certain metals to it
generator a machine that uses an energy source and a magnet to make electricity
electromagnet a magnet made when an electric current passes easily.
resistance a measure of how much a material opposes the flow of electric current and changes electric current into heat energy
conductor a material through which electric current passes easily.
compass a small magnet that can turn freely
magnetism the force around a magnet
insulator a material through which electric current does not pass easily
parallel circuit a circuit that connects several objects in a way that the current for each object has its own path
magnetic field the space around a magnet where magnetism acts.
pole a place on a magnet where magnetism is strongest
What causes the Northern Lights? charged particles from the sun are pulled and pushed into patterns in the sky near the earth's magnetic poles. When these particles react with gases in the air, they make the northern lights.
How did Oersted discover that electricity and magnetism are related He experimented with electric currents when he discovered that electric current could make a compass needle move. This showed that electricity and magnetism are related.
An electromagnet is created when ________ flows through a wire coil? electricity
When you push the button on a doorbell, you are _____________ a circuit. closing
As you rub a balloon on your sleeve, it picks up a _______________. charge
Current flows through an electric circuit as long as the path is________________. unbroken
If you sprinkle tiny pieces of iron over a magnet, the pattern formed shows a __________. magnetic field
Magnetic force is strongest at a magnet's ______. poles
Electric generators have huge electromagnets plus a ________________. power sources.
Electromagnets are useful because they can be turned on or off by opening or closing an _________. electric current
Created by: Mrs. Farley