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Chapter 8

In The Beginning

The verse John 1:3 directly supports what theory? Biblical Creation
People who promote the theory of intelligent design believe what? the life shows evidence of design
The verse 2 Peter 3:8 is sometimes used to support the idea of what theory that believes that each day was a long period of time. The long-day theory
the term global flood means that a flood of water did what? Covered the entire earth
What are the problems with the long-day theory? The word day accounts for a literal 24 hours, planets need sunlight and pollinators to grow, 2 peter 3:8 means God is not bound by time.
What is a genealogy? a family tree that list who had whom as offspring
Used generally the word evolution refers to what? the changing of a thing to become improved or more complex.
How can you refute the Lamarck theory? By stating that just because you build your muscles does not mean that your children will have big muscles.
According to De Vries, the organism capable of the most evolution mutates easily
Most gene mutations observed are what? Harmful
What are the points to Darwins theory of natural selection. More young are produced that can remain alive, Individual species compete with each other for available resources,individuals with the best characteristics to obtain the resources to survive.
When can you find a complete and uninterrupted fossil record? no where
The belief that the physical universe was creates by God Biblical creationism
The belief that the physical universe developed by chance. Evolutionism
The belief that each day of Creation was a long period of time, maybe thousands of years Long-day theory
The belief that each day of Creation was twenty-four hours long Literal view
The belief that the "first creation" was destroyed during Satan's fall Gap theory
The belief that God created new groups of species over widely space intervals Progressive creationism
The belief that the random direction of evolution is incapable of causing the level of complexity we see in nature Theory of intelligent design
The belief that the earth is about six thousand years old Young-earth theory
The belief that God created new groups of species at widely spaced intervals Progressive creationism
Creation and evolution are both accepted by? Faith Creationist believe the Bible and evolutionist do not.
Rain fell for how many days and nights during the Genesis Flood? Forty
What are materials that settle to the bottom of a river called? Sediment
Islands where Darwin observed animals Galapagos
A diagram demonstrating the supposed stages of biological evolutions Evolutionary family tree
Similar structures that evolutionists say are best explained by common ancestry Homologous structures
The modern animal that supposedly descended from Pakicetus and Ambulocetus Whale
The changing of an organism to become improved or correct. biological Evolution
changes in an organism's makeup account for evolutionary change evolution-mutation theory
A woman who has burned her hands has children with scarred hand would prove the theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics.
most mutations observed today loss of function mutations
the ship Darwin sailed HMS Beagle
What thoery states - more young produced then remain alive, competition among species for resources and only the best get resources and survive Natural Selection
De Vries theory states that the organism capable of most evolution will Mutate easy
an organism that evolutionist claim has different groups of organisms as its offspring. common ancestor
an organisms that probably never existed but is needed to fill out the evolutionary path to the other organism. Missing link
where can you find a complete fossil record nowhere
are man and animals and plants all created in the same way? No, man has a soul
Because of man;s sin God's Creation has ? Degenerated
The term Global flood means covered the entire earth
The theory that biolocgial evolution occurs rapidly and slowly is Punctuated equilibrium
People who promote intelligent design believe life shows evidence of design
what are adaptations? Changes that help organisms survive and do not lead to formation of a new biblical kind.
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