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Ch 17 vocab

chapter 17 vocabulary

glacier large mass of moving ice
alpine glacier narrow, wedge-shaped mass of ice that forms in a mountainous region and is confined to a small area by surrounding topography
continental glacier massive sheet of ice that may cover millions of square kilometers, may be thousands of meters thick, that isn't confined by surrounded topography
basal slip process that lubricates a glacier's base and causes the glacier to slide forward
internal plastic flow process by which glaciers flow slowly as grains of ice deform under pressure and slide over each other
crevasse in a glacier, a large crack or fissure that results from ice movement
cirque a deep and steep bowl-like depression produced by glacier erosion
arĂȘte a sharp, jagged ridge that forms between cirques
horn a sharp, pyramid-like peak that forms because of erosion of cirques
erratic a large rock that's transported from a distant source by a glacier
glacial drift rock material carried by glaciers and deposited by glaciers
till unsorted rock material that's deposited directly by a melting glacier
moraine landform that's made from unsorted sediments deposited by a glacier
kettle bowl-shaped depression in a glacial drift deposit
esker long, winding ridge of gravel and coarse sand deposited by glacial meltwater streams
ice age long period of climatic cooling during which continents are glaciated repeatedly
Milankovitch theory theory that cyclical changes in Earth's orbit and in tilt of Earth's axis occur over thousands of years and cause climatic changes
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