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Hero's Journey

The Call Invites adventure, offer the opportunity to foce the unknown, and gain something of physical or spiritual value
Threshold Encounter beings of situations that block the passage. These "gaurdians" protect us when we are unprepared for the journey and later step aside and point the way
The Challenges hero faces unclear path *the way is beset with danger, temptation, and loneliness
The Abyss possible that the challenge beats the hero. If the hero does not try again, life is left unfulfilled
The Transfermation a moment of death and rebirth (aka decent into darkness) a)fear must die to make way for courage
The Revelation sudden dramatic change in the way the hero views life and the hero realizes the attained goal is symbolic
Atonement hero is "at-one" with new self *incorperates the changes caused from the Journey and is fully "reborn" *
The Return the final stage of the journey = return to everyday life *hero discovers new gift *essence of the return is to begin contributing to society
Created by: Nygerria