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5th period

chapter 11 12 13

isthmus a narrow strip of lan having water on each side and joining two larger bodies of and
guerrilla a member of an armed force that is not part of a regular army relating to a form of wearfare carried on by such an indeendent armed force
archipleago a group of islands
coral island an island formed by the skeletal remains of thiny sea animals and the sand and seiment piling on top of them
windward facing the wind
leeward facing away from the wind
escarpment a steep cliff that separates two level areas of differing elevations
sertao an interior plateau in brazil with poor soil and uncerain rain
favela a slumcommunity in a brazillian city
plantation a large estate farnes by many workers
gasohol a fuel mictuere of gasoline and ethanol
deforstation the process of strippin land of its tress
ecotourism tourism that encourages environmental awereness and has littile effect on the ecosystem
mulatto people of mixedafrican and other amcestery
bauxite a mineral used in making alumnun
cordillera or parakkekmountian reaens if the andes
campesino are often barely able to grow enough fiid fir thier families beacuse they foc8s there efforts on produceing cash crops of coffee
altiplanino a plateau region located in the anded of bolivia and peru
paramo in ecuador
timber line the boundry above wich forest cegetation cannot grow
selva the rain forest if the amazon river basin begin in sekva
estuary a boread river mouth formed where a flooded river valley meets the sea
piedmont or toothills region
pampas of argentina and uruguay are one of south americas best known features
gaucho cow boys who hered catle there
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