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gFlash - Lesson 6

IC3, Level1, Lesson 6, 2 columns

ChinesePinyin - English
上上个月 [shang shang ge yue] - the month before last
上个月 [shang ge yue] - last month
上午 [shàng wǔ] - morning / CL:個|个[ge4]
下个 [xià ge] - the next one
下午 [xià wǔ] - afternoon
中文 [Zhōng​wén​] - Chinese language
以后 [yǐ hòu] - after / later on / in the future
但是 [dàn shì] - but / however
[wèi] - classifier for people (honorific)
俄文 [éwén] - Russian language
准备 [zhǔn bèi] - preparation / to prepare
[bié] - do not / must not
[dào] - to go to / to arrive
前天 [qiántiān] - the day before yesterday
办公室 [bàn gōng shì] - office
去年 [qùnián] - last year
后天 [hòutiān] - the day after tomorrow
[nǎ] - how / which
[a] - modal particle ending sentence
[wéi] - hello (when answering the phone)
回来 [huí lai] - to return / to come back
[zài] - (located) at / (to be) in
大前天 [dàqiántiān] - three days ago
大后天 [dàhòutiān] - three days from today
客气 [kè qi] - polite / courteous / formal / modest
[jiù] - precisely; exactly
[bāng] - to help
年级 [nián jí] - grade / year (in school, college etc)
开会 [kāi huì] - to hold a meeting / to attend a meeting
[děi] - to have to / must / ought to / to need to
[nín] - you (courteous)
打电话 [dǎdiànhuà] - to make a phone call
方便 [fāng biàn] - convenient
时间 [shí jiān] - time / period / CL:段[duan4]
空() [kòng[r]] - free time
[děng] - to wait for
练习 [liàn xí] - exercise / drill
[gěi] - to / for
考试 [kǎo shì] - to take an exam / exam
[jié] - classifier for class period
[xíng] - all right / OK!
西班牙文 [xībānyáwén] - Spanish language
[yào] - will / going to (as future auxiliary)
要是 [yào shi] - if
见面 [jiàn miàn] - to meet / to see each other
[shuō] - to speak / to say
[kè] - class ; course; lesson
[gēn] - with
问题 [wèn tí] - question / problem
韩文 [hánwén] - Korean language
Created by: quanlight
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