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japanese vocab

more motto
need, want irimasu
besides, additionally hoka ni
bag kaban
few sukosi
notebook nooto
next sore kara
envelope huutoo
pencil enpitu
please wait omati-kudasai
exactly tyoodo
same onazi
every time maido
change (money) oturi
again mata
paper kami
stationery binsen
how many volumes? nan-satu
how many thin, flat objects? nan-mai
how many long, cylindrical objects? nan-bon
convenient benri
inconvenient huben
golf goruhu
exist arimasu
quite nakanaka
please give me kudasai
black kuroi
blue aoi
red akai
yellow kiiroi
white siroi
umbrella kasa
show misemasu
please show misete kudasai
rain ame
snow yuki
a little tyotto
how? ikaga
not at all zenzen
all zenbu
when? itu
conference kaigi
day after tomorrow asatte
almost hotondo
after all yappari
i have a request for you onegai-simasu
which thing? dore
that thing sore
this thing kore
who? dare
book hon
magazine zassi
newspaper sinbun
that thing over there are
how much? ikura
truth hontoo
yesterday kinoo
tomorrow asita
today kyoo
tape teepu
day before yesterday ototoi
tea otya
word processor waapuro
friend tomodati
you anata
very tottemo
big ookii
small tiisai
new atarasi
old hurui
intersting omosiroi
not interesting tsumaranai
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