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School Based, Private Practices

Pulpotomy Removal of infected pulp tissue.
Starkly Stiff, rigid, severe, harsh.
Amalgam Mixature, filling material for cavities.
Pit Artificial hole, cavity in hole.
Decay Become rotten.
Composite Synethtic material to fill a hole.
Erophylaxis Removal of plaque and tar.
Philsthropic Organization Private foundations helping the needy.
Dental Therapist Health care professional trained in Dentistry.
Fissure Sealant Dental material made from bisphenol A and Methacryate.
Retention Memory/Keeping something on of waste.
Disproportionate Unequal in size.
Expenditures Money Spent.
Pulpal Stores Calcified deposites in Pupal cavity.
Disparties Difference in two groups of people.
Restorative Procedures Procedures done to restore abnormal teeth.
Edentulism Condition of being toothless.
Fluoridation A compound containing fluorine.
Implemented Sharp object or tool to carry out/fufill something
Exacerbated Make worse
Created by: astudenic0928