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Lichen Identificatio

Powdery Gold Speck Canderlariella efflorescens
Common Script Lichens Graphis scripta
Hooded Sunburst Xanthoria fallax
Candle Flame Canderlaria concolor
Hammered Shield Parmelia sulcata
Lichen Hypogymnia physodes
Common Green Shield Flavoparmelia caperata
Reindeer Lichen Cladina mitis
Reindeer Lichen Cladina stellaris
Powderhorn Cladonia coniocraea
Old Man's Beard Usnea sp.
Boreal Oak Moss Evernia mesomorpha
Lungwort Lobaria pulmonaria
Smooth Rock Tripe Umbilicaria mammulata
British Soldier Cladonia cristatella
Created by: doorsnatcher