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Level H Unit 4

Literature and Word Studies

affinity a natural attraction to a person, thing or activity
bilious peevish, irritable
cognate closely related in origin, essential nature, or function
corollary a natural consequence or result
cul-de-sac a blind alley or dead end street
derring-do daring deeds or exploits
divination the art or act of predicting the future or discovering hidden knowledge
elixir a potion once thought capable of curing all ills
folderol foolish talk, ideas or procedures
gamut an entire range or series
hoi polloi the common people, the masses
ineffable not expressible in words
lucubration laborious study or thought, especially at night
mnemonic relating to or designed to assist the memory
obloquy public abuse indicating strong disapproval or censure
parameter a factor that shapes the total outcome; a boundary
pundit a learned person
risible pertaining to laughter
symptomatic typical or characteristic
volte-face an about face, a complete reversal
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