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Jap Vocab 98-106

Yoku Often
Tokidoki Sometimes
Oishii desu Be delicious; tasty
Sakana Fish
Kisu Whiting (a kind of fish)
Kikimasu Ask
Denwa o Shimasu Make a call
Kakimasu Write
Okurimasu Send
Aimasu Meet
Oto_san Father (not mine)
Oka_san Mother (not mine)
Okusan Wife (not mine)
Chichi Father
Haha Mother
Tsuma/Kamai Wife
Go-Shujin Husband (not mine)
Go- (Honorific Prefix)
Otto/Shujin Husband
Tegami Letter
Amari...-masen Not much
Gakko_ School
Shacho_ President
Me_ru E-mail
Robi_ Lobby
Sushi-ya Sushi restaurant
Zenzen...-masen Not at all
Aisu-Kuri_mu Ice Cream
O-nomimono Beverage
Nama-bi_ru Draft beer
Kondo This coming
Mashin Machine
Kuni Country (my)
Ryo_ri Cooking; cuisine
O-Kanjo Bill; check
Ryo_shu_sho Receipt
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