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abx for neonatal sepsis cefotax and amp
what 2 dz downs at risk for acute leuk and Alz
croup caused by? Tx? parinflu, no tx
fungal infxn toenails called? Tx? onychomycosis, tx w terbinafine or itraconazole
2 types of ringworm of scalp, tx microsporum w green fluorescence on Woods, and trichophyton (MC) no green fluoresc, tx=oral griseo
tx nec fasc clinda
tx gono ceftriax 1 dose IM + 7d doxy or 1 dose azithro to cover coexistent Chlamydia
tx chlamydia 7d doxy or 1 dose azithro
tx trichomonas flagyl and need to treat sex partner
tx for bac vaginosis flagy
uti in preg nitrofurantoin and need f/u Ucx
tx yeast vaginal infxn clotrimazole
tx endometritis clinda, gent
nml tx uti in women bactrim 3 d, cipro if allergy
tx PID IV cefox and doxy, if PO oral doxy (or azithro + IM ceftriax)
tx lyme, in preg? doxy, but amox (or ancef) in preg
tx SBP ceftriax
tx hep B supportive
tx hepB exposure IgG and vaccine
tx hep C interferon and use ribavirin if chronic hep C who failed interferon
tx salmonella only tx if high risk pts (cipro, bactrim or ceftriax)
tx pseudo zosyn + tobra/amikacin/cefepime
tx CAP ceftriax + azithro if inpt; outpt levaquin
rubeola measles w 3 C's: cough, conjunctivitis, coryza and Koplick spots that come before maculopap rash
rubella german measles w low grade fever, posterior and occipital LAD, maculopap from head to feet
tx for + PPD insoniazid + pyridoxine (b6) x9mos
tx for active TB RIPE (rifampin, INH, pyrazinamide, ethambutol) 2 mos, then rifampin, INH 4 mos
cut offs PPD test 5 mm for HIV and close contacts, 10mm for health care, prisones, NH
tx diverticulitis in pt zosyn IV, outpt cipro+ flagyl
tx septic joint ceftriax + vanc
tx meningitis ceftraix + vanc
tx salmonella osteo ancef
DM w DKA at risk for what infxn sinuses mucormysosis, tx w IV amph
nuchal rigidity w visual hallucinations, think HSV encephalitis
ppx for meningococcal meningitis rifampin 4 doses or cipro 1 dose
cd4<50, what abx give for what ppx? azithro for MAC ppx
what tx cocaine CP with? phentolamine (alpha agonist) and avoid BB
tx Alz dz acetylcholinesterase inhib, ie tacrine, donepezil
tx parkinsons dopa agonist, pramipexole and levo-dopa
what watch for w clozapine agranulocytosis, need wkly cbc
before giving oral retinoids check UPT, lipid profile, LFTs
what is phenelzine? Other ex? MAOI, also tranylcypromine
tx psoriasis mtx
what is leuprolide gnrh analog for endometriosis
what is danazol androgen, ie endometriosis
ex of a topicla steroid triambinolone
se didanosine pancreatitis
SE abacavir hypersensitivity syndrome
SE nevirapine liver failure
SE indinavir crystal induced nephropathy
ex initial HAART regimen efavirenz, tenofovir, emtricitabine
HIV ppx tenofovir and lamivudine 4wks
tx RA NSAIDs, then MTX and low dose steroids
if MTX not working for RA, what Rx next? etanercept or infliximab, screen TB first
PUD w Hpylori tx PPI, amoxicillin, clarithro (flagyl if PCN allergy)
antidote for glyburide octreotide
antidote for salicylate OD alkalonize urine
how ASA OD present AMS, AG acidosis w respir metabolic alk and ARF
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