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OCR GCSE Latin Vocab

OCR Latin Vocabulary for Foundation and Higher Tier

a, ab from, away from, by
absum am absent, am away, am distant from
ac, atque and
accido happen
accipio accept, take in, receive
ad to, towards, at
adeo ao much, so greatly
adsum be here, be present
advenio arrive
aedifico build
ager field
ago do, act, drive
alii...alii some...others
alius other, another, else
alter the other, another, the second of two
altus high, deep
ambulo walk
amicus friend
amo love, like
amor love
ancilla slave-girl, slave-woman
animus spirit, soul, mind
annus year
ante before, in front of
antea before
appareo appear
appropinquo approach, come near to
apud among, with, at the house of
aqua water
arma arms, weapons
ars art, skill
ascendo climb
audax bold, daring
audeo dare
audio hear, listen to
aufero take away, carry off, steal
autem but, however
auxilium help
bellum war
bellum gero wage war
bene well
benignus kind
bibo drink
bonus good
brevis short, brief
cado fall
caelum sky, heaven
canis dog
capio take, catch, capture
captivus captive, prisoner
caput head
castra camp
celer quick, fast
celo hide
cena dinner, meal
ceteri the rest, the others
cibus food
circum around
civis citizen
clamo shout
clamor shout, shouting, noise
clarus famous, clear
coepi begin
cogito think, consider
cognosco get to know, find out
cogo force, compel
comes comrade, companion
conficio finish, wear out
conor try
consilium plan, idea, advice
conspicio catch sight of, notice
constituo decide
consul consul
consumo eat
contra against
convenio come together, gather, meet
copiae forces, troops
corpus body
cras tomorrow
credo believe, trust
crudelis cruel
cum (preposition) with
cum (conjunction) when, since
cupio want, desire
cur? why?
cura care, worry
curro run
custodio guard
custos guard
de from, down from, about
dea goddess
debeo owe, ought, should, must
defendo defend
deinde then
deleo destroy
descendo go down, come down
deus god
dico say
dies day
difficiles difficult
diligens careful
dirus dreadful
discedo depart, leave
diu for a long time
do give
doceo teach
domina mistress
dominus master
domus home
donum gift, present
dormio sleep
duco lead, take
dum while, until
dux leader
e, ex from, out of, out
ecce! look!
effugio escape
ego I, me
egredior go out
emo buy
enim for
eo go
epistula letter
equus horse
et and
et...et both...and
etiam also, even
exercitus army
exspecto wait for
facilis easy
facio make, do
faveo favour, support
felix fortunate, happy
femina woman
fero bring, carry, bear
ferox fierce, ferocious
festino hurry
fidelis faithful, loyal
filia daughter
filius son
flumen river
forte by chance
fortis brave
forum forum, market place
frater brother
frustra in vain
fugio run away, flee
gaudeo be pleased, rejoice
gaudium joy, pleasure
gens family, tribe, race, people
gladius sword
gravis heavy, serious
habeo have
habito live
heri yesterday
hic (pronoun) this, he, she, it
hic (adverb) here
hodie today
homo man, human being
hora hour
hortor encourage, urge
hortus garden
hostis enemy
iaceo lie
iacio throw
iam now, already
ianua door
ibi there
idem the same
igitur therefore,so
ille that, he, she, it
imperator emperor, general, leader
imperium empire, power, command
impero order, command, power
in in, on, into, onto
incendo burn, set on fire
infelix unlucky, unhappy
ingens huge
ingredior enter
inimicus enemy
inquit he/she says, he/she said
insula island, block of flats
intellego understand, realise
inter among, between
interea meanwhile
interficio kill
intro enter
invenio find
invito invite
ipse himself, herself, itself, themselves
ira anger
iratus angry
is this, that, he, she, it, them
ita in this way, to such an extent, so
itaque and so, therefore
iter journey
iterum again
iubeo order
iuvenis young man
labor work
laboro work
lacrimo weep, cry
laetus happy
laudo praise
legio legion
lego read, choose
lentus slow
leo lion
libenter willingly, gladly
liber brook
liberi children
libero set free
libertus freedman, ex-slave
locus place
longus long
loquor speak
lux light, daylight
magis more
magnopere greatly
magnus big, large, great
malo prefer
malus evil, bad
maneo remain, stay
manus hand, group of people
mare sea
maritus husband
mater mother
maxime very greatly
medius middle
mercator merchant
meus my
miles soldier
minime very little, least, no
miror wonder at, admire
miser miserable, wretched, sad
mitto send
modus manner, way, kind
moneo warn, advise
mons mountain
morior die
mors death
moveo move
mox soon
multo much
multus much, many
murus wall
nam for
narro tell, relate
nauta sailor
navigo sail
navis ship
ne that...not, so that...not, that, lest
-ne (introduces question)
nec, neque and not, nor, neither
neco kill
nemo no one, nobody
nescio not know
nihil nothing
nisi unless, expect
nolo not want, refuse
nomen name
non not
nonne...? surely...?
nonnulli some, several
nos we, us
noster our
novus new
nox night
nullus not any, no
num whether
num...? surely...not?
numquam never
nunc now
nuntio announce
nuntius messenger, message, news
occido kill
offero offer
olim once, some time ago
omnis all, every
opprimo crush, overwhelm
oppugno attack
oro beg
ostendo show
paene almost, nearly
paro prepare
pars part
parvus small
pater father
patior suffer, endure
patria country, homeland
pauci few, a few
pax peace
pecunia money
pello drive
per through, along
pereo die, perish
periculum danger
persuadeo persuade
perterritus terrified
pervenio reach, arrive at
pes foot
peto make for, seek, beg/ask for
plenus full
poena punishment
poenas do pay the penalty, am punished
pono put, place, put up
porta gate
porto carry
portus harbour, port
possum can, be able
post after, behind
postea afterwards
postquam after, when
postridie on the next day
praemium prize, reward, profit
precor pray (to), beg
primo at first
primus first
princeps chief, emperor
pro in front of, for, in return for
procedo advance, proceed
proelium battle
proficiscor set out
progredior advance
promitto promise
prope near
propter on account of, because of
proximus nearest, next to
puella girl
puer boy
pugno fight
pulcher beautiful, handsome
punio punish
puto think
quaero search for, look for, ask
qualis? what sort of?
quam (superlative) as...as possible
quam (adverb) than
quam? quam! how...? how...!
quamquam although
quando? when?
quantus? how big? how much?
-que and
qui who, which
quidam one, a certain, some
quis? who? what?
quo? to where?
quod because
quomodo? how?
quoque also, too
quot? how many?
rapio seize, grab
re- -back
reddo give back, restore
redeo go back, come back, return
refero bring/carry back, report, tell
regina queen
regnum kingdom
rego rule
regredior go back, return
relinquo leave, leave behind
res thing, matter, event
resisto resist
respondeo reply
rex king
rideo laugh, smile
rogo ask, ask for
Roma Rome
Romanus Roman
rumpo break, burst
sacer sacred
saepe often
saevus savage, cruel
saluto greet
salve! hello!
sanguis blood
sapiens wise
satis enough
scelestus wicked
scelus crime
scio know
scribo write
se himself, herself, itself, themselves
sed but
sedeo sit
semper always
senator senator
senex old man
sentio feel, notice
sequor follow
servo save, protect, keep
servus slave
si if
sic thus, in this way
signum sign, signal, standard
silva wood
simul at the same time
simulac, simulatque as soon as
sine without
soleo be accustomed
solus alone, lonely, only, on one's own
specto look at, watch
spero hope, expect
spes hope
statim at once, immmediately
sto stand
stultus stupid, foolish
sub under, beneath
subito suddenly
sum be
summus highest, greatest, top (of)
supero overcome, overpower
surgo get up, stand up, rise
suus his, her, its, their (own)
taberna shop, inn
taceo be silent, be quiet
talis such
tam so
tamen however
tandem at last, finally
tantus so great, such a great
tempestas storm
templum temple
tempus time
teneo hold
terra ground, land, country
terreo frighten
timeo fear, be afraid
tollo raise, lift up, hold up
tot so many
totus whole
trado hand over
traho drag
trans across
tristis sad
tu you (singular)
tum then
turba crowd
tuus your (singular), yours
ubi where? where, when
umquam ever
unde from where
urbs city, town
ut (subjunctive) that, so that, in order that
ut (indicative) as, when
uxor wife
vale! goodbye!, farewell!
validus strong
vehementer violently, loudly
vendo sell
venio come
verbum word
verto turn
verus true, real
vester your (plural), yours
via street, road, way
victoria victory
video see
videor seem, appear
villa house, country villa
vinco conquer, win, be victorious
vinum wine
vir man
virtus courage, virtue
vita life
vivo live, be alive
vivus alive, be living
voco call
volo want
vos you (plural)
vox voice, shout
vulnero wound, injure
vulnus wound
vultus expression, face
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