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Chapter 2 - Science

Newton's Laws Test

1. For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. 1. 3rd
2. An object will remain at rest unless a net force acts upon it. 2. 1st
3. Force equals mass times acceleration. 3. 2nd
4. A base ball sticks in the catcher’s glove until an unbalanced force acts to move it. 4. 1st
5. As the force of a golf swing is increased, the ball’s acceleration increased. 5. 2nd
6. As you walk, your foot pushes the ground backward, and the ground propels you forward. 6. 3rd
7. A race car gains acceleration as its mass increases. 7. 2nd
8. A boat moves back when people dive off the side of it. 8. 3rd
9. The passengers on a train lean sideways as the train takes a sharp turn. 9. 1st
10. When a rock falls into the lake, the water splashes up. 10. 3rd
11. The speed of a ball pitched by a child is slower than that pitched by an adult. 11. 2nd
12. Your parked bicycle has _____ friction until you are able to push the pedals and get it moving. 12. static
13. What is the gravitational force on any object near Earth’s surface? 13. 9.8 m/s/s
14. Gravitational force is influenced by what two factors? 14. mass of the object, distance
15. _____
Created by: megan_white