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Dynamic Planet #1

8th Grade Science

Geosphere made of the crust, mantle and inner and outer core
Atmosphere made of the mixture of gases that surround the planet
Biosphere made of all living things, including plants, animals and other organisms
Hydrosphere the planet's water, including oceans, lakes rivers, ground water, ice and water vapor
physical model structure scientists builds to represent something
Conceptual Model Model scientists develop in their minds
Mathematical Model Mathematical equations that describe how process works
Numerical Model Mathematical model that is tested in a computer
Seismic wave vibrations caused by an earthquake
S-Wave a/k/a Shear or secondary wave. Travels side by side, only goes through solids -- slow
P-Wave a/k/a Compression or primary wave. Travels in a straight line, goes through liquids, solids, gases, fast
Surface wave moves along surface not interior; causes the most damage; slowest
Refraction when passes through one medium to another changes in direction due to change in velocity
Focus Earthquake the point underground where the rocks first start moving
Epicenter Located directly above the Focus
Seismograph Instrument that detects, magnifies and records seismic waves
Shadow Waves Area where no waves are detected
Created by: Mrs D AS