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ECE437 Module 8

Flashcards for Module 8

The ___ implementation of an access table consists of sets of ordered triples. Global table
In the UNIX operating system, a domain is associated with the ____. user
Domains may share access rights True
Worms... [All of the Above] Use spawn to duplicate themselves, can bring down an entire network, uses system resources
A denial of service attack is... Aimed at disrupting legitimate use of a system
A ____ virus changes each time it is installed to avoid detection by antivirus software. polymorphic
In the UNIX operating system, a domain is associated with the ____. user
A code segment that misuses its environment is called a Trojan horse
When creating a MAC (Message Authentication Code), public-key encryption is used? False
Suppose Bob wants to send Alice a digital signature for the message M. To create the digital signature... Bob applies a hash function to M and then encrypts the result with his private key
____ is a symmetric stream cipher. RC4
Suppose Bob wants to send a secret message to Alice using public key cryptography. Then Bob should... encrypt the message with Alice's public key and send Alice the message.
An access matrix is generally dense. False
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