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Hanson Dynamic Ea 1

Dynamic Earth Chapter 1 Vocabulary Words

anticline upward fold in a rock
compression stress that squeezes the rocks together
crust surface layer of the earth
deformation change in shape or volume of a rock
dome raised area that looks like the top half of a sphere
fault break or crack in rock with movement
fault-block mountain blocks of rock lifted upwards
fold bend in a rock
foot wall block of rock below a fault
fracture break or crack in a rock but no movement
hanging wall block of rock above the fault
isostasy balance of force of mantle pushing up and force of crust pushing down
lateral fault blocks of rock move horizontally past each other
mantle inner earth from crust to core
normal fault hanging wall moves down
plateau high raised flat area above sea level
reverse fault hanging wall moves up the foot wall
rift valley blocks of rock move down between two normal faults
shearing stress that pushes rock in two opposite horizontal directions
stress push or pull on the earth's crust
syncline downward fold in a rock
tension stress that pulls rock apart
thrust fault hanging wall is pushed over the foot wall
continental crust crust under continents
oceanic crust crust under oceans
joints parallel cracks in rock
brittle rock that breaks easily
ductile rock that will bend instead of fracture
lava molten rock above Earth
magma molten rock still in Earth
Created by: marydykstra