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CNA 2016 C. 22*

Bowel Elimination

Fecal incontinence is the inability to control the passage of feces and gas through the anus
Constipation is the passage of a hard, dry stool
Defecation is the the process of excreting feces from the rectum through the anus
Fecal impaction is the prolonged retention and buildup of feces in the rectum
An enema is the introduction of fluid into the rectum and lower colon
Flatulence is the excessive formation of gas or air in the stomach and intestines.
Flatus is gas or air passed though the anus
Which foods are needed for bowel elimination? fruits and vegetables
Gas-forming foods aid defecation because they stimulate peristalsis
How many glasses of water does a person need daily to promote normal bowel elimination? 6-8
Which fluids increase peristalsis? warm fluids
What slows the passage of feces through the intestines? some medications
You are assisting a resident with elimination. What will promote comfort and safety? follow standard precautions and the blood borne pathogen standard
What is the usual position for defecation? sitting or squatting
A resident has finished defecating. What will promote the person’s comfort? assist with perineal care as necessary
A resident complains of constipation. If the person is constipated, you would expect her stools to be hard and dry, large or marble sized
You report to the nurse that a resident is complaining of constipation. The nurse holds a care conference to discuss the person’s care plan. The following measures are discussed. What could relieve constipation? offer the person tea and prune juice at breakfast
What can occur if constipation is not relieved? fecal impaction
What are signs of fecal impaction? liquid feces seeping from the anus, watery stools
The nurse did a digital removal of an impaction. This means that the nurse used a lubricated, gloved finger to remove the impaction
A resident complains of diarrhea. The person needs assistance with ambulation. When the person’s call light is on, you need to answer promptly
A resident has diarrhea. What will prevent odors and the spread of microbes? practice standard precautions, follow blood borne pathogen standard, dispose of stools promptly.
A resident has diarrhea. You know that the person is at risk for dehydration
A resident has diarrhea. You know that liquid feces and frequent wiping can lead to skin breakdown
A person has fecal incontinence. Give the resident good skin care
What are causes of fecal incontinence? chronic illnesses
A resident complains of flatulence. The person has the following food choices. Potatoes are a good choice to prevent excess flatulence. True
A resident complains of flatulence. Which position often produces flatus? left side-lying
A resident complains of flatulence. Have them move about when in bed. True
A bowel training program was developed for a resident. The person usually has a bowel movement after breakfast. When should you assist the person with elimination? after breakfast
The nurse gave a resident a suppository. When should you expect the person to have a bowel movement? in 30 minutes
Enemas are given for what reasons? constipation, fecal impaction, flatulence
You know that enemas are given before certain surgeries and diagnostic procedures. certain surgeries and diagnostic procedures.
The doctor ordered a saline enema. What is added to the enema solution? salt
As a nursing assistant, it is not within your scope to administer an enema that contains a medication
Giving an enema is delegated to you. Because of the end-of-shift report, the nurse will not be available to supervise you. What should you do? Refuse to give the enema because the nurse is not available to supervise you
What is the preferred position for giving an enema? Sims' or left side-lying
How much enema solution is usually given to an adult? 500-1000 mL
Water temperature for an enema solution for adults usually is Body temperature
How far is the enema tube usually inserted into the adult rectum? 2-4 inches
How long can you anticipate it taking for a person to have results from a cleansing enema? 10-20 minutes
A saline enema takes effect in 10-20 minutes
Which enema is irritating to the bowel’s mucous lining? soapsuds enema
You are preparing to give a saline enema. To remove air from the enema tube, you need to let the solution flow through the tube
You are giving a saline enema. During the procedure, the person complains of cramping. What should you do? clamp the tubing
Before disposing of the enema results, what should you do? ask the nurse to observe the results
Pressure is _________on the enema bottle during administration. maintained
Oil-retention enemas are given for constipation or fecal impaction
Oil-retention enemas are retained for at least 30-60 minutes
After giving an oil-retention enema, the person is left in the _____________ position. sims or left side lying
Good ___________is necessary because feces irritate the skin. skin care
A person has an ___________. The entire colon was removed. ileostomy
You are emptying an ostomy pouch. The drain at the ___________is opened bottom
A person has an ostomy pouch. The pouch is bulging from flatus. What should you do? open the pouch
Ostomy pouches are usually changed every 3-7 days
What will prevent ostomy pouch odors? good hygiene
A person with an ostomy pouch wears regular clothes
When is the best time to change an ostomy pouch? before breakfast
You just applied a new ostomy pouch. When can the person shower or bathe? 1-2 hours
Ostomy pouches are disposed of by putting them in the biohazard bag
Touching an ostomy stoma causes pain and discomfort False
Persons with ostomies manage their own care if able. True
A colostomy is a surgically created opening between the ________ and abdominal wall colon
Feces move through the intestines by peristalsis
Stools are normally what color? brown
Why does privacy affect elimination? bowel movements and sounds are embarrassing
What is a common time for bowel elimination? after breakfast
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