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Plant Vocabulary

Pollination The process of moving pollen from the stamen to the pistil
Photosynthesis the process by which plants use light energy to make sugar or food
Xylem tubes in vascular plants that carry water and other materials from the roots to the rest of the plant
Phloem tubes in vascular plants that carry sugar away from the leaves to the rest of the plant
Tropism a way that plants change their growth because of something effecting them
Embryo a new plant outside the seed
Spore a tiny plant cell that will develop into a new plant
Vascular Plants plants with tubes used to carry water and nutrients throughout the plant
Anther part of the stamen that holds the pollen
Stamen the male part of a flower
Angiosperm a flowering or fruiting plant that has seeds
Gymnosperm a plant that has seeds and produces cones
Pistil the female part of the plant
Glucose the sugar a plant produces during photosynthesis
Chloroplasts green part of a plant cell that uses the energy in the sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar
Compound leaves leaves that have many leaves coming off a single stem
Simple leaves leaves that have one leaf per stem
Pollen a grainy yellow powder made in a tissue at the top of the stamen of a flower
Monocot a flowering plant with one cotyledon(food part) in their seed
Dicot a flowering plant with two cotyledons(food parts) in their seed
Gravitropism the way a plant grows in relation to gravity; the roots grow downward, being pulled by gravity
Phototropism the way a plant grows in relation to light; the stem will grow towards the light
Thigmatropism the way a plant grows in relation to touching an object; stems will wrap around vines. posts, fences, etc.)
Runners new plants that form off of a plant's own stems; this often happens with house plants and wild grasses
Budding new plants that form from little buds dropping off a plant; these buds grow into many separate plants
Stomata tiny openings, or pores in the leaf that allows gases to leave and enter the leaf; this is needed for photosynthesis to occur
Transpiration the process of water movement in a plant
Hydroponics the process of growing plants in water,sand, or gravel; NOT growing in soil
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