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CNA 2016 Ch. 17*


Early morning care is given when before breakfast
PM care is given. at bedtime.
Cleansing the genital and anal areas is. perineal care.
Hygiene measures promote what comfort, safety, health.
Hygiene measures do what prevent infection, prevent body and breath odors, promote relaxation.
Which will influence hygiene choices the person's culture.
A resident can have a shower when? as often as the person chooses
To meet a resident’s hygiene needs, you need to do what follow the person's care plan.
You assist a resident with hygiene needs when whenever necessary.
AM care usually involves what assisting with elimination needs, oral care, face and hand washing, cleaning incontinent persons and changing wet or soiled clothing, assisting to dress, hair care, shaving, dressing, positioning for breakfast, straightening units.
Oral hygiene does what? increse comfort, makes food taste better, prevents cavities and perodontal disease
You are giving male perineal care. Which do you clean first? the tip of the penis
To clean the tip of the penis, you use ___________ motions. circular
Afternoon care generally involves what. assisting with activity, cleaning incontinent persons and changing wet or soiled linens, straightening beds and resident units.
Evening care generally involves what?. assist with elimination, assist with hygiene, give back massages.
Inflammation of the tissues around the teeth is: periodontal disease.
A resident is receiving oxygen therapy. You know that the person needs frequent oral hygiene because of what dry mouth.
Flossing is usually done when after brushing teeth.
A resident wants to brush his teeth before lunch. What should you do help him as needed.
What oral hygiene equipment should you report to the nurse hard-bristled toothbrush
A resident has a lower denture. The person needs what denture cleaner, cup, and brush.
You are giving mouth care to an unconscious person. What should you do before using a sponge swab make sure that the sponge pad is tight on the stick
When giving oral hygiene, you need to wear what gloves
You need to check a resident’s dentures for what? rough, sharp, or chipped areas
A resident needs oral hygiene. The nurse and care plan tell you what information? the type of oral hygiene needed, if flossing is needed, how much help the person needs
You need to brush a resident’s teeth. When brushing an unconscious resident's teeth you should: turn the patient's head well to the side
When brushing the inner surfaces of the teeth, what do you do? brush back and forth
When brushing the biting surfaces of the teeth what do you do? brush back and forth
You finish brushing a resident’s teeth. What should you do next brush the tongue
Flossing removes what? plaque, tartar, food from between teeth
A resident flosses once a day. When is the best time to floss at bedtime
To floss teeth, the floss is moved in what direction. up and down
A resident is unconscious. To give the person mouth care, you need to use what sponge swabs
You need to give a resident oral hygiene. Because the person is unconscious, she is at risk for what aspiration
A resident is unconscious. How should you position the person for oral hygiene side lying position
A resident is unconscious. To keep the person’s mouth open during oral hygiene, you need to use what a padded tongue blade
A resident is unconscious. You need to assume that the person can hear you
A resident is unconscious. The person needs mouth care how often at least every 2 hours
You are cleaning a resident’s lower denture. What do you do line a basin of water with a towel
A resident does not wear her lower denture for sleep. What should you do with the lower denture store it in a denture cup filled with cool water
A resident’s denture cup must be labeled with the person’s what name, room and bed number
You need to remove a resident’s lower denture. What should you use a guaze square because dentures are slippery when wet
A resident uses a cleaning agent for his denture. When using the cleaning agent, you should do what follow the manufacturer's instructions
A male resident is not circumcised. When giving perineal care, what do you do? retract the foreskin
Bathing does what exercise body parts, relax the person, refresh the person
Bathing method, time, and frequency are what matters of personal choice
Which skin care product tends to dry the skin soap
Older persons usually need a complete bath how often twice a week
Which skin care products help keep the skin soft bath oils
A resident is unconscious. You are going to give the person a complete bed bath. Before you start the bath, you do what? close the room door, close the privacy curtain, pull down the shades
Bathing procedures can threaten persons with dementia, what do you do? increase the room temp before starting the bath, let the person help as much as possible, handle the person gently
Bath water temperature is measured to avoid burns.
Bar soap is used for a resident’s bath. Between latherings, soap is placed where in the soap dish.
You just finished a resident’s bath. You note that the person is incontinent of urine. What should you do Bathe the affected skin areas again
Which skin care product removes dirt, dead skin, skin oil, and some microbes soap.
Why is plain water often used to bathe older persons? they have dry skin.
A resident likes to use bath oil. For the person’s safety, you need to practice measures to do what? prevent falls.
After a resident’s bath, the nurse wants you to apply lotion to the person’s elbows, knees, and heels. Lotion does what prevents skin break down and keep the skin soft.
After a resident’s bath, the nurse wants you to apply powder under the person’s breasts. The powder is used to do what absorb moisture to prevent friction.
Powder is applied how in a thin, even layer.
Water temperature for a complete bed bath is usually what 110*-115*F
You are going to assist a resident with his bath. Before doing so, you need to know what? the type of bath to give, what skin care products to use, activity and position limits.
You are bathing a resident. You note a reddened area on the person’s left shoulder. What should you do report the observation to the nurse
You note the following while bathing a resident. You need to report what? rash, swollen feet and ankles, bruise
When giving a complete bed bath, you start with the person’s what? face
When giving a complete bed bath, you need to use what? a mitted washcloth
You will use soap for a resident’s bath. Soap is not used to wash what? around the eyes
When drying a person, what is correct? pat dry
You are bathing a resident. You are ready to wash the person’s arms, chest, and abdomen. Which do you wash first? the far arm
You are bathing a resident. Bath water is changed when? whenever it is cool or soapy and as directed in skills check offs
You are bathing a resident. Gloves are always worn to wash the person’s perineal area
Which baths do not require rinsing the skin? towel bath and bag bath
When giving perineal care how is the washcloth used? a clean part of the washcloth for each stroke.
The partial bath involves washing what? face, hands, underarms, back, buttocks, and peri area
A resident wants a partial bath today. What should you do? assist as needed
Water temperature for a partial bath is usually: 110*-115*F
A resident wants a partial bath. How should you position the person? Fowler's or sitting
A resident is set up to give herself a partial bath. Before leaving the room, you must make sure that her signal light is within reach
A tub bath lasts no longer than ____ minutes. 20
When using a portable tub, whirlpool equipment, or shower chair, what do you do? follow the manufactures instructions
Residents who take tub baths and showers are at risk for burns and falls
A shower room has two stalls. To protect the person’s privacy, what do you do? close the doors and privacy curtain
Water temperature for a tub bath is usually what? 105*F
A resident is done taking a tub bath. When should you assist the person out of the tub? after the tub drains
To prevent the spread of infection when the person takes a shower, you should clean and disinfect the shower before and after use
A resident is going to have a shower. What will protect the person from falling? use grab bars, place bath mat, make sure shower floor is dry.
You are adjusting the water for a resident’s shower. What is correct? cold water is turned on first.
When adjusting water temperature, water is directed away from the person.
A male resident is uncircumcised. After cleaning his penis, you must return the foreskin to its natural position
A back massage should last _____ minutes. 3-5
Which is used to give a back massage? lotion
When giving a back massage, you what? use firm strokes, keep your hands in contact with the person's skin, knead the person's skin.
An 85-year-old resident has arthritis. You are going to give the person a back massage. Which position will probably be most comfortable for the person? side lying
A resident has a heart disease. Before giving the person a back massage, you need to check with the nurse and the person's care plan.
When giving a back massage, you start at the _________________ lower back
When applying lotion to bony areas, you use __________ motions circular
Perineal care does what? prevent infection, prevent odors, and promote comfort.
When giving perineal care, you start at the ________________. urethra
Water temperature for perineal care is usually: 105*-109*F
Perineal care is given when? whenever the area is soiled with urine or feces and as scheduled.
_________________ make the tub and shower surfaces slippery. bath oils
During a bath, a person is covered for what reason? warmth and privacy
If a resident can be left alone dring a shower or a bath, what must you do? stay withing hearing distance.
Breathing fluid, food, vomitus, or an object into the lungs. aspiration
An artificial tooth or a set of artificial teeth dentures
mouth care oral hygiene
a thin film that sticks to the teeth; it contains saliva, microbes, and other substances palque
hardened plaque tartar
C Centigrade
F Fahrenheit
ID Identification
A male resident is uncircumcised. After cleaning his penis you must: return the foreskin to its natural position
To clean the tip of the penis you use: circular motions.
A male resident is not circumcised. When giving perineal care you need to: retract the foreskin
When giving perineal care: a clean part of the rag is used for each stroke
When transporting a patient to and from a tub or shower you must: provide for privacy
when flossing a persons teeth you need to: break off an 18 inch piece of dental floss from the dispenser
when flossing you should move to a new section of floss after every second tooth
Oral hygiene does the following: increase comfort, make food taste batter, reduce the risk of cavities and periodontal disease
infants should receive oral hygiene starting: in the beginning
flossing begins for babies when two baby teeth touch
when providing male peri-care start with the tip of the penis
Morning care is given after breakfast
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