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Aircraft Basics

Aircraft Rivits,Alloys,Corrosion

Lap Joint A skin that is riveted together in such a way, that there is a distinct step or change in level. Lap patch
Flush Joint Used to obtain aerodynamic smoothness between two skins. Skins are riveted to the same sub structure which puts them on the same plane. Doubler,Tripler
Joggle Joint Combination of flush and lap joints. One skin is joggled to accommodate the other to produce one smooth side. Fitting doubler over other external structures
AN system Air force Navy
MS20 Military Standard 20
AN 470 4-4 MS20 426 4-4 Number system- AN or MS20 Head style- 470=Universal 426=Countersunk One or two digit letter code representing rivet alloy material. Diameter- 1/32" increments Lenght - 1/16 increments
Rivet Alloys Plain 1100 A Pure Aluminum Non structural assemblies
Rivet Alloys Dimple 2117-T3 (AD) Aluminum Alloy Field Rivets Require no heat treament
Rivet Alloys Raised cross 5056 (B) Aluminium/Magnesium Alloy
Rivet Alloys Raised dot 2017 (D) Extremely hard Must be heat treated before use Ice box Rivets
Rivet Alloys Two raised dashes 2024 (DD) Icebox Rivet Must be stored at cool temperatures
Rivet Alloys Raised Ring 7050 (E) Contains Zinc Precipitation heat treated A new stronger rivet- Boeing 767 wide body
Rivet Corrosion resistant steel. Rivet (F) Firewalls and Exhaust shrouds
Rivet Monel Two recessed dimples Rivet (M) Used in place of corrosion resistant steel
Mechanical lock rivets Huck-Loks Cheerylocks Olympic-Loks Cherrymax
Hi-Shear Rivet Can carry greater shear loads. Same strength characteristics as a standard AN bolt. Interference fit
Hi-Lok Bolts Excellent sheer load carrying capacity. Collar
Step Repair Each composite layer is stepped at 1/2"
Scarf repair Each composite layer is graded into the next layer.
Created by: adrianjhoward
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