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connective tissue (bindevev) and derivatives fibroma, lipoma, chondroma, osteoma, eventuelt -carcinoma ending for malignant
endothelial & related tissues blood vessels: hemangioma/angiosarcoma lymph vessels: lymphangioma/lymphangiosarcoma
blood cells and related cells only malignant blood cells: leukemias lymph cells: lymphomas
muscle smooth: leiomyoma / leiomyosarcoma striated: rhabdomyoma / rhabdomyosarcoma
epithelial: stratified squamous epithelial lining of glands and ducts squamous cell papilloma/carcinoma adenoma/papilloma/cystadenoma - adenocarcinoma/papillary carcinoma/cystadenocarcinoma
epithelial: respiratory passages bronchial adenoma / bronchogenic carcinoma
epithelial: renal epithelium liver cells renal tubular adenoma / renal cell carcinoma liver cell adenoma / hepatocellular carcinoma
epithelial: urinary tract epithelium (transitional) placental epithelium urothelial papilloma / urothelial carcinoma hydatidiform mole / choriocarcinoma
epithelial: testicular epithelium (germ cells) only malignant: seminoma and embryonal carcinoma
Tumors of melanocytes Nevus (benign), malignant melanoma (malignant)
mixed tumors from 1 germ layer: salivary glands renal anlage pleomorphic adenoma (mixed tumor of salivary gland) / malignant mixed tumor of salivary gland Renal anlage - only malignant: Wilms tumor
mixed tumors from 2 or more germ layers: totipotential cells in gonads or in embryonic rests benign: mature teratoma / dermoid cyst malignant: immatiure teratoma / teratocarcinoma
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