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Nursing Final Exam

Med Terms

andro- male
balano- glands, penis
crypto- hidden
epididymo- epididymis
genito- genitalia
gonado- gonads, sex glands
oligo- scanty, few
orcho, orchi, orchido, testio- testis
perineo- perineum (area between scrotum(or vulva in females) and anus)
prostato- prostate gland
spermato, spermo- spermatozoa, sperm cells
vaso- vessel; vas deferens; duct
vesiculo- seminal vesicle
-cide killing
-genesis formation, producing, origin
-ism condition
-spadias slit, fissure
brachy slow
epi above, upon
adreno, adrenalo- adrenal glands
calco- calcium
crino- secrete
gluco, glyco, glycos- sugar, sweetness
homeo- same, alike
kal(l)- potassium (an electrolyte)
pancreato- pancreas
parathyroido- parathyroid glands
thymo- thymus gland
thyro, thyroido- thyroid gland
toxico- poison
dipsia thirst
uria urine
eu good, normal
exo outside, outward
hyper excessive, above normal
hypo under, below
poly many, much
cerebro cerebrum
cranio cranium (skull)
encephalao- brain
ganglio ganglion (knot or knotlike mass)
glio glue; neuroglial tissue
kinesio movement
lepto thin, slender
lex word, phrase
meningo, meningi meninges (membrane covering brain and spinal cord)
myelo bone marrow; spinal cord
narco stupor, numbness; sleep
neuro nerve
radiculo nerve root
sthen strength
thalamo thalamus
theco sheath (refers to meninges)
tono tension
ventriculo ventricule (of heart and brain)
algesia, algia pain
esthesia feeling
kinesia movement
lepsy seizure
paresis partial paralysis
phasia speech
plegia paralysis
taxia order, coordination
pachy thick
para beside, near; beyond
syn union, together, joined
uni one
cyt cell
histo tissue
karyo; nucleo nucleus
antero anterior, front
caudo tail
cephalo head
disto far, farthest
dorso back (of body)
infero lower, below
latero side, to one side
medio middle
postero back(of body), behind. posterior
proximo near, nearest
ventro belly, belly side
abdomino abdomen
cervico neck; cervic uteri(neck of uterus)
cranio cranium (skull)
gastro stomach
ilio ilium
inguino groin
lumbo loins (lower back)
pelvi; pelvo pelvis
spino spine
thorac chest
umbilico umbilicus, navel
albino; leuko white
cirrh; jaund; xantho yellow
cyano blue
erythro red
melano black
polio gray; gray matter
acro extremity
etio cause
idio unknown, peculiar
morph form, shape structure
path disease
radio radiation, x-ray; radius
somato body
sono sound
tomo to cut
viscero internal organs
xero dry
genesis forming, producing, origin
gnosis knowing
gram record, writing
graph instrument for recording
graphy process of recording
logist specialist in the study of
ology study of
meter instrument for measuring
metry act of measuring
pathy disease
ab away from
ad toward
hetero different
homeo same, alike
infra below, under
peri around
super upper, above
trans across, through
ultra excess, beyond
adipo; lipo; steato fat
cutaneo; dermato; dermo skin
hidro; sudoro sweat
ichthyo dry, scaly
kerato horny tissue; hard; cornea
myco fungus
onycho; unguo nail
pilo; tricho hair
sclero hardening; sclera
sebo sebum; sebaceous
squamo scale
xeno foreign, strange
cyte cell
sub under, below
hyper excessive, above normal
homo same
epi above, upon
dia through, across
an without, not
therapy treatment
or; stomat mouth
glosso; linguo tongue
bucco cheek
cheilo; labi lip
dent; odont teeth
gingiv gum
sial saliva, salivary gland
esophag esophagus
pharyng pharynx (throat)
pyloro pylorus
duodeno duodenum(first part of small intestine)
entero intestine (usually small)
jejuno jejunum(2nd part of small intestine)
ile ileum (3rd part of small intestine)
appendo; appendico appendix
colo; colono colon
sigmoido sigmoid colon
recto rectum
procto anus, rectum
ano anus
hepat liver
pancreat pancreas
cholangi bile vessel
chole bile, gall
cholecyst gallbladder
choledoch bile duct
emesis vomit
iasis abnormal condition
megaly enlargement
orexia appetite
pepsia digestion
phagia swallowing, eating
prandial meal
rrhea discharge, flow
sub under, below
naso; rhino nose
septo septum
sinuso sinus, cavity
adenoid adenoids
tonsillo tonsils
epiglotto epiglottis
laryng larynx (voicebox)
trache trachea (windpipe)
bronchi; broncho bronchus
bronchiolo bronchiole
alveol alveolus; air sac
pleuro pleura membrane
pneum; pneumon air; lung
pulmon lung
anthraco coal, coal dust
atelo incomplete; imperfect
conio dust
lob lobe
ortho straight
oxi; oxo oxygen
pectoro; stetho; thorac chest
phren diaphragm; mind
spiro breathe
capnia carbon dioxide
osmia smell
phonia voice
pnea breathing
ptysis spitting
thorax chest
brady slow
dys bad; painful; difficult
eu good, normal
tachy fast, rapid
aneurysm widened blood vessel
angi; vascul vessel (usually blood or lymph)
aorto aorta
arteri artery
arteriol arteriole
atri atrium
athero fatty plaque
cardi; corono heart
electro electricity
embol embolus (plug)
hemangi blood vessel
myo muscle
phlebo; veno vein
sphygm pulse
steno narrowing, stricture
thrombo blood clot
valvo; valvulo valve
vaso vessel; vas deferns; duct
ventriculo ventricle (of heart and brain)
cardia heart condition
gram record, writing
graph instrument for recording
graphy process of recording
endo in, within
extra outside
aden gland
agglutin clumping, gluing
baso base (alkaline)
blast embryonic cell
chrom color
eosin dawn (rose-colored)
granulo granule
hemo, hemat blood
immuno immune, immunity, safe
lymphaden lymph gland (node)
lympho lymph
lymphangi lymph vessel
myel bone marrow; spinal cord
neutro neutral, neither
plaso formation, growth
poikilo varied, irregular
reticulo net, mesh
sero serum
sidero iron
spleno spleen
thym thymus gland
emia blood condition
globin protein
graft transplantation
osis abnormal condition; increase
penia decrease, deficiency
phil attraction for
phoresis carrying, transmission
phylaxis protection
poiesis formation, production
stasis production
allo other, differing from normal
aniso unequal, dissimilar
iso same, equal
macro large
micro small
mono one
poly many, much
ankylo stiffness; bent, crooked
arthr joint
kyph humpback
lamino lamina
lordo curve, swayback
osteo bone
pedo; pedi foot; child
acromi acromion
brachi arm
calcaneo calcaneum (heel bone)
carpo carpus (wrist bone)
cephal head
clavicul clavicle
costo ribs
dactyl fingers; toes
femoro femur
fibulo fibula
humero humerus
ischio ischium
metacarp metacarpals
metatars metatarsals
patello patella
phalang phalanges
pubo pelvis bone
spondyl; vertebr vertebrae (backbone)
sterno sternum
tibio tibia
leiomyo smooth muscle
musculo; myo muscle
rhabd rod-shaped (striated)
rhabdomyo striated muscle
chondr cartilage
fasci band, fascia
fibro fiber, fibrous tissue
synovo synovial membrane, synovial fluid
teno; tendo; tendino tendon
asthenia weakness, debility
clasia; clast to break; surgical fracture
desis binding, fixation
malacia softening
physis growth
porosis porous
sarcoma malignant connective tissue tumor
scopy visual observation
syn union, together, joined
albumino albumin, protein
azoto nitrogenous compounds
bacterio bacteria
cyst; vesic bladder
glomerulo glomerulus
kali potassium
ketono ketone bodies
litho stone, calculus
meato opening, meatus
nephr; ren kidney
noct night
oligo few
pyo pus
pyelo renal pelvis
uro urine, urinary tract
ureter ureter
urethr urethra
uria urine
retro backward, behind
amnio amnion (amniotic sac)
colpo; vagino vagina
galacto; lacto milk
gynec woman, female
hyster; metri; utero uterus/womb
mammo; mast breast
meno menses, menstruation
nato birth
oophor; ovari ovary
perineo perineum
salpingo tube
arche beginning
cyesis pregnancy
gravida pregnant woman
para to bear(offspring)
salpinx tube
tocia childbirth, labor
ante before, in front of
multi many, much
post after
primi first
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