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Support & Careplan

Optimal Support & Caeplanning

A care plan should be based on the clients needs and provides ________ and __________? Continuity & Consistency
How would a PSW contribute to the residents care plan? observing changes, reporting to supervisor, feed back
What is the purpose of patient care conferences? to evaluate and go over the clients care needs
Identify 5 participants in a care conference and describe their function in the conference? Rpn, Physician, Dietician, Respiratory Therapist, Social Worker, Physio Therapist
Is the care plan like a contract? Why? Yes, the health care team , client & family agree on it.
When should rehabilitation start? At the start of any injury, when a person seeks medical attention
What is a prosthesis? artificial replacement for missing body parts.
What is important to remember when teaching someone to crutch walk? check rubber stoppers, proper gate, proper footwear, proper height
How should self esteem and independence be promoted? encourage participation in care , allow dignity, independence, preferences, privacy, and safety
What is HS care? night time care-bedtime
What is CVA and what sort of care would a person need after a CVA? stroke- ADL's, Rehab, emotional support, promoting independence, restorative care
Define: Prevention?
Define: Rehabiltitation? process of restoring a person to the highest level of functioning through the use of therapy, exercise or other methods
Define: Learning? The process of aquiring knowledge or skills
Define: Motivation? desiring something & putting effort into achieving it.
Define: Developmental Task? Activity that must be mastered during a stage of development
Define: Development? the maturation toward adulthood, physical changes, increased ablity & functionality
Define: RDL? Routines of Daily Living(Home Care)
Define: Psychomotor? Muscle activity, cerebral disturbance
Define: Activation? to get invovled
Define: Mobilization? to ambulate or be mobile
List signs and symptoms of a stroke? blurred vision, dizziness, slurred speech, fainting, weakness, headache
What is the purpose of a client's/resident's chart? easy to access clients information
What is "Syncope"? fainting, loss of consciousness
What patient information would not be found in a care plan? lab tests, scans
In what type of organizations would you expect to find a care plan? LTC, Retirement,Hospice, Home Care, Hospital
What happens when a client get up to quickly? Syncope
What gives the most support a walker or cane? Why? Walker, wider base of support
Who does "Passive Range of Motion? an exercise that involves having staff move the joints and the client does not participate
What does a "footboard" do? prevent "plantar flexion" (foot drop)
What does "Muscle Atrophy" look like? decreased in size or a wasting away of muscle
A "care Plan" focuses on what? individual care that need to be done that day for a client
A "Holistic Approach "means what? taking care of the whole person
When does rehab occur? at the time of injury or illness
What kind of attitude will determine successful rehab? encouragement/ endophins
What is it called when care is focused on preventing deterioration? preventative
Describe how you would help a person who is falling?
What is the time equivalent int the 2400hr clock to 11:00pm 2300 hrs
What is the equivalent time in the 2400hr clock to 4:00pm? 1600 hrs
What is the equivalent time in the 2400hr clock to 6:30am? 06:30 hrs
What is the equivalent time in the 2400hr clock to 2:00pm? 1400 hrs
Which of the following substances would be included on and Intake & Output record? Pureed fruit, Sandwiches, Pudding, Cookies, Soup, Cheese, Jello, Urine, Vomit Unrine & Vomit
Describe the care planning process? assessment, planning. evaluate, impliment
What are the complications of a client who is bedridden (immobile)? contractures, muscle atrophy, blood clots, pnemonia, UTI'S, constipation
Explain the difference between passive, active, and active assistive Range of Motion exercises?
The care plan looks at all aspects of the person, physical, psychological and spiritual needs? True of False? True
Accepting your disability with a positive attitude will help in rehab? true
A Social Worker could help someone adjust to change emotionally? true
The Doctor is the most important member of the team? False
The stages of growth and development were invented by Erikson? true
The care plan provided client specific information? True
The Care Plan is updated on a monthly basis or sooner if there is a change in the clients status? True
Ensure the rubber stoppers are missing from the walker before use? False
Why is it important to know the learning style and development level when caring for someone in the rehab process? to have realistic goals that can be obtained
A person in rehab for CVA would be frustrated and angry. How would you handle the situation? dont take things personally, be patient with client
Who is the most important memeber of the team? client
What is the role of the "Doctor"? Diagnosis illness-treatment/medication
What is the Role of the Occupational Therapist? Concerned with ability to do ADL'S
What is the role of the Registered Nurse? Supervises team, delegates, sets care plan
What is the role of Physical Therapist? Works on improving strength & mobility
What is the Role of the Social Worker? Supports emotional/financial needs
What does ADL's mean? Activities of Daily Living
In what are of a care plan would you find out about whether a person has control of their bladder and bowels. CCL-
Where on the care plan would you find out a person's mental status? orientation/ behavioural (BDL)
Identify "T" symbol? Total
Indentify "I" symbol? Indepedent
Identify "A" symbol? Assist
Identify "NOC" symbol? At night
Identify "Occ" symbol Occasionally
Identify "D.R." symbol? Dining Room
Identify "a.c." symbol? before meal
Identify p.c."symbol? aftermeal
Identify "N/A" symbol? not applicable
Identify "PWB" symbol? Partial weight bearing
Identify "BRP" symbol? Bathroom Privledges
What type of data is a symptom? subbjective (something they tell you)
What type of data is a sign? Objective (someone holding an arm for support)
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