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3rd Julian

The Stories Julian Tells

collection similar items chosen to save
cartwheel handspring that turns sideways
seriously thoughtfully
mustache something between nose and lips
fastened attached
beyond past
I have a ____________ of rocks. collection
In gym we practiced ______________. cartwheels
____________? You have got to be kidding me. Seriously?
Is it true that Gene shaved his __________? mustache
I _____________ the paper to the bulletin board with a tack. fastened
We ran ________ the playground fence and got into trouble. beyond
Thoughtfully is a synonym for _______. seriously
Attached is a synonym for ______. fastened
similar items chosen to save collection
handsprings cartwheels
thoughtfully seriously
hair between the nose and lips mustache
attached fastened
past beyond
I was so excited that I did a _______ across the living room floor. cartwheel
_______________, is it true you want a hippo for Christmas? Seriously
Do you think the principal should add a __________ on his face? mustache
My little sister __________ her coat. fastened
We were reading so quietly that we went __________ our time and were late to Art. beyond
My doll ________ began when I was seven. collection
Created by: JActon