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Unit 2 Reading Vocab

advised told how to do, gave advice
deliveries things that are carried and distributed
donate give money or help
organized got together and arranged
unfortunate not lucky
brim edge, border,rim
miraculous independent of the known laws of nature
pondered considered carefully
prospered flourished
quantities large numbers
seeped leaked slowly
counter a long flat raised surface in a store or restaurant
indicates, points out, makes known, shows
jewelry necklace or ring or bracelet
sapphire clear blue stone
smudge a dirty mark, smear
communicate exchange information
cooperate work together
desperate ready to run any risk
doomed headed for an unhappy or terrible fate
hovered stayed in or near one place
injured hurt
damage harm or injury that lessens value
ecology relationships between living things and the environment
hurricane tropical storm with violent wind or heavy rain
identify recognize as being a particular thing
mightiest strongest
predict tell beforehand
pressure the continued action of a weight or other force
recovered got back something lost
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